Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Hi i have just joined as a royal marine thats why i have not been on for a while.Can anyone help me how to get fit for the training,I am already fit but i would like to be fitter can anyone give me a fitness programe or advise thanks.
  2. Chico, as you told us a wee while ago you are a 16 year old lad. Do you mean you have joined the Royal Marine Cadets???

    Good to see you back young un.

  3. I started following this Training but I added in a few extra bits. You may need to start off with something slightly easier to begin with, or skip a few weeks if you've already been training before hand.

    My cardio has always been much better than my upper body strength, so I found that guide didn't have enough running (particulaly at the first few weeks).

    For general advice, I'd say read the Royal Marine booklets to find the correct technique. They have set rules for their press ups, sit ups and pull ups.
  4. If you have already joined

    the training will get you fit
  5. Chico you ferkin walt, are you back with us now? Have the Submariners chucked you out? Oh why am I even bothering....
  6. Thanks for that mate.
  7. Pol,

    I think whilst the youngsters grow up quickly after visiting RR (in Chico's case VERY quickly :wink: ) most matelots refuse to grow up at all! :lol:


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