Discussion in 'The Corps' started by tommy_mod, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. i see from the website and the leaflets that the officer training is "the same" as 'ratings' what does this mean, do they all train and live together through basic 34 weeks and then officers stay on for 52?

    and when do they start ? when is the next few before september '07?

    also, i knwo from the army what its like for the new recruits in training at sandhurst for the officers, is it similar? private room ? and what are the breaks and holidays we get in training?

    any thoughts welcome
  2. Its 32 weeks no 34
  3. firstly, ratings is a navy term, and means basicly an entry level soldier who has completed training.
    i ******* doubt you get a private room as an officer in training. RM officers are supposed to be royal marines plus some. they do the same commando tests, but have less time to do them.

    as a RM officer i would expect to rough it, and you probably will get a similar standard of housing in training as recruits do.

    also mate, you probably have a cat in hells chance of getting into officer training before september. applying to be a normal royal could take you 6 months, and officers have an AIB to pass on top of all the other stuff.

    seen as you know so little about the selection or training courses, are you sure you have the required level of fitness?
    if your expecting to pop along and have tea served in golden cups, your well out, as it will probably be the toughest time of your life, until you hit RT that is ;-)
  4. so you dont know, your guessing, can any officers answer this.
  5. ok, seen as thats not good enough, and how you obviously know that these are bone questions, or you would ring AFCO with them.

    firstly, the type of accomodation should be pretty irrelevant. as long as it doesnt leak (much), has beds and everything neccesary, its fine. if you want your own private room and butler, go to a hotel. you will have to be able to live in the field for decent lengths of time on active duty, so if having to share a room is a problem, living under a bivi or hole in the ground is going to really get to you. i dont see why you should care. i would join the marines if they all live in bloody igloos. you join for the life, not the pay and accomdation.

    all about officer training:

    your focus should be on getting physically and mentally ready, not setting a date to do it all by. if you have the fire in you to drive you to become a RM you would be happy to wait as long as it takes.

    your focus is totally wrong, its just like the guys asking about whether the green berets come in different sizes or how big the commando dagger is.

    as with starting dates, it varies on how long it all takes. the application to become an officer has more stages then to become a normal royal. everybodys time is different. some people take 3 months, some take a year.
  6. Have some respect chris was trying to answer your question as best possible, lose the attitude :evil:
  7. Royal Marines Young Officers (YOs) neither live nor train (some exceptions) with recruits. They train for approximately 16 months and live in single rooms (not en suite as yet!!) in a wing of the Officers Mess. They join once a year, the intake being called a "Batch". The trg is similar in the early stages but obviously progresses beyond what is expected of recruits (eggs available on request!).

    Recruits join in Troops every 2 weeks (again occasional exceptions) do 32 weeks trg and live in multi-bed rooms. There are some much improved blocks at CTC with more on the way.

    There are pre selection courses for both routes. Details of the training are freely available if you look at the various Corps and MoD websites or speak to the AFCO.

    Servicemen don't get holidays; they take leave and at CTC it is block leave, Easter, Summer and Christmas. There are other long weekends (you finish Friday lunchtime!) during trg.

  8. THANKS,

    when are the intakes?, ive got my potential officers course pencilled in for april or may.
  9. August, the POCs are timed to select for the start of the course.

  10. sweet as im 26 in september!

    any other info on the officers poc and training would be much appreciated

  11. [/quote]

    There are pre selection courses for both routes. Details of the training are freely available if you look at the various Corps and MoD websites or speak to the AFCO.



  12. No offence to tommy_mod but from my understanding it's much more than just turning up to get anywhere near being a YO. There's a hell of a lot of preperation involved. I'm not, or never have served, but am hoping to become a YO after i've finished University.

    I'm currently at a good University, studying for a degree in engineering and am in my penultimate year (i'll graduate in 2008 with an MEng). I've always had a good level of fitness but have started to train and prepare myself over the last couple of months before i've even applied. Until I've started my application and testing process, I won't know if what i've done is enough, but i hope it is.

    I'm not trying to have a go at you or impress anyone, I just think from what i've read (and my understanding) that you could do with reading a bit more into what it actually takes.
  13. When you have attained these qualifications why waste them by joining the Royal Marines? It would serve you better to utilise them and apply for a position as an engineering officer in the RN.

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