Hi guys
So I want to join the Royal Marines and Ive been training myself for it. I was wondering if anyone could give me some help with it, mainly any tips on training. Areas to focus on.

I also have a question, I have no military experience will this make it harder for me to join?

Thanks guys


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From experience of working with Royals,
Play loads of shoot em up games.
Watch the Saw movies series
Watch loads of stand up comedy e.g.Jethro DVD`s to develop a well needed sense of humour, to be able to spin a dit.

Build up gradually long runs, then with weighted rucksack only when your ready, then in boots.
Chins dips all against body weight stuff
Lots of beer at the weekends to get pub fit

Any good camping/army surplus outlet

Check that it goes with Green
Thanks guys.
I have to say...that is my sort of training going to the pub and watching horror movies. :D
Thanks as well for the link.

Thanks guys!!


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hi mate, some sound advice there, apart from the bit about the weight runing, dont do that just run in trainers starting off short and getting longer. also do chin ups, press ups and sit ups to a hard standard. the royal marines require alot of upper body strength especially in training.

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