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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Danny1, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. is there any one on here who has just started or is doing or even finished the chef course at raliegh?

    as i join up on the 13 of september to start my basic.

    but im more intressted in the chefs course im going to be doing, and i was hoping some one could tell me about it all.

    what happens in the first month or so and how is the course spread out is there like an equal amount of paper work to practicul or is it more of one than the other.

    im already workign as a 2nd chef in a restraunt, and ive had experince in a mitchlen star hotel in london, im just hopeing its not going to be back to basic again.

    i hope some one could shed some light on it for me thanks

  2. Re: tranning to become a chef

    Sure you shouldn't be joining as a Writer?
  3. thanks :/
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not being in the know Danny, I suspect it goes straight back to basic's because some on the course might not have ever boiled an egg, let alone cooked the master dish, cheesy hammy eggy.
  5. Danny boy :wink: :wink: it looks like to me !!! that your over Quallified to be a COOK in the RN :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: sock it to them CHEF :wink:
  6. As on old bastard I just cannot get my head round "chef" It was either ships cook C, or officers cook O.C. Are the two still separate ? Recalling some of the cooks that I knew, piss artists, fanny rats, knuckle bosun's [Anybody knew Joe Parr?] and D.Q.s residents;-- I wonder how they would react to the new branch label? I suspect that they would piss themselves laughing.
  7. Jesse - it's not even "chef" anymore. It's now Logistician (Catering Services) (Delivery). I sh1t you not!
  8. Danny
    You can guarantee that it will be back to basics. You are not the only one on the course and many of the others may not have cooked so much as a boiled egg. So you should stand out, however keep your head down, don't say to the instructors "We always did it this way" unless uyou want to piss them off. Keep your previous training to yourself and you will proably end up top of the class :p
  9. Re: tranning to become a chef

    Out of interest what the fcuk do they call Writers these days?
  10. Just read the back of the packet mate, you'll get all the info you need...
    You are going to have to take it on the chin a wee bit but always remember! You will have the ability for terrible revenge!
  11. Re: tranning to become a chef

    Logistician (Personnel).

    A steward is a "Logistician (Catering Services) (Delivery)".
  12. Re: tranning to become a chef

    And they do it dear, they do it so well and generously! (With gracious thanks to the cast of Priscilla queen of the desert!).
  13. Or the Spanish version with foie gras mixed in...well you wouldn't want it to be too guilt free would you?
    Seriously though, cheesy hammy eggy, is a staple in Andalucia (not the touristy bits on the coast).
  14. Chef = Logistician (Catering Services - Preparation)

    Steward = Logistician (Catering Services - Delivery)

    However, at P.O. level, both specialisations become "Catering Services" i.e. they run the whole catering side, both preparation and delivery. So, no P.O. Chefs and P.O. Stewards nowadays.
  15. So the Chief Plate layer is no more :(
  16. Who ever heard of a Cook/Chef/ Log Deliverer passing a course :?:
  17. First time Ive heard that one today
  18. ok thanks, i was hoping it wouldn't be back to basic but ill just keep my head down and not pipe up then i wont get noticed.

    and sorry if i got the job name wrong. its just thought it would be the same.

    whast every ones favourite dish when there at sea?
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  19. Come on Jesse! You're not THAT old. The Cooks' branches were merged in the late '60s. A lot of my contemporaries as Ldg Ck(O) dipped in, as the ship's cook roster for PO was nearly dry, and the officers' cook roster was about ten years! It did mean that quite a lot of ex (O)'s were able to unexpectedly qualify for a chief's pension within their 22.

    As for "chef", which was a Pusser's nickname. I was a trainee cook in civvy street and was well drilled in the routine of addressing the head of the kitchen as "Chef" when I joined. I can still remember as an OD wardroom cook on Bulwark, being sent on an errand to the main galley, where I sought out the Chief Cook, a huge scowling individual, and said in my most respectful manner, "Good morning Chef, can I ------- ?", which was interrupted, in a loud clear voice with "CHEF! Fcuking CHEF! I AM THE CHIEF COOK AND DON'T YOU EVER FORGET IT."

    ----and I obviously haven't!

  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You need to remember 60 eggs at 3 minutes per egg equals 180 minutes cooking time.

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