Training Techs, the REME model.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by angry_mac, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. Having worked with the REME for the last 3 months, it is interesting to see how they do stuff compared to what we do, basically this how they do it, is it better, or can we use some of this and apply it to the unfolding manpower mess that is the ET branch?

    Join as a Craftsmen. Basic training followed by streaming into Vehicle mechanics, Techs,Avionics. VMs go onto SEME (School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) Techs and Avionics go onto SEAE(School of Electronics Avionics Engineering). Ill take the Tech example.
    Complete basic and go out into the field. Progress as our lads do Lance Jack/Corporal returning to SEAE to do career courses, culminating making Sergeant at around the 8 year point. This is where it begins to get at bit different. Although they do an electronics course called their class 1 it is just shy of a HNC, but on completion of this course they go out and as Sergeants have the same responsibilities and technical requirements as our PO (ETs).
    They can stay as Sergeants but are referred to as Artisans, some decide to stay as an Artisan and get their BENGs from distance learning. There is still a career path to WO2 and subsequently WO1, but they really dont expect to make Staff Sergeant to at least the 15 year point in.
    To those that have passed the PAB (Provisional Artificer Board) there is the option of going onto Tif's course, which to all intents and purposes is the Tif's course I did. They do the course as Sergeants but on completion of course they join their next unit with a BENG and as a Staff Sergeant. The role at their next unit as the 'tif' is basically what we use to refer as the 'Charge Chief'. Their promotion to WO2 and subsequently ASM (Artificer Sergeant Major) is quite fast, and all will generally leave at 22 years as an ASM.
    Although the Army is retaining the 'Tif' there is moves afoot to take the BENG away and have it as a Management course.
    What do you think, is this workable in the RN?
  2. It's a long time since I left the RN (over 24 years) and even longer since I worked on a tri service unit at Boscombe Down. Working with both REME and RAF it was good to find out how the other two services worked. I was a POREL(A) at the time and my oppo was a POEL(A).
    Neither the REME or RAF had an equivalent. The RAF technicians (Sgts and Chief Techs) and REME sergeants I worked seemed to be more akin to out Artificers.
    Of the three services I still maintain that the RN tifffs and mechs were best trained of all three services, followed by REME and the RAF.
    The RAF had a peculiar system where you would have a sergeant in rank but his pay would by at Chief tech. Reason for this is that they had too many Chief techs but had been guaranteed this rank. So they had to wait until a chief tech billet became available for promotion.
    The Army on the other hand did as you state, stayed as a sergeant until they did their Tifffy course.
    My opinion is that the RN should revert back to Tiffs and mechs.
  3. I'm ex REME joining the Navy as a DEPOT, whats the normal career path for the Navy then?
  4. Its why we sent Clanky Chiefs with AD (ICE) diesel ADQUAL to the army to stop blowing up tank engines.
  5. I am Joining ex-REME 22 years as a DESPOT what is the normal career path for the Navy then?
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's "all change" and dependant on the type of entry - ET(ME), DEPOT, NUGAS are all different and I suspect Army trained rank transfers will have a slightly different career path to a civilian DEPOT. At present the projected career paths are subject to change & I've seen many different versions on the same theme, so until you actually get it in black and white, I'd remain sceptical of an online punt.
  7. Ok thanks guess no one really knows, think I am the one of the first ones to come across, assessment center 3/4 December. I will just have to suck it and see.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    sounds like you're getting the terminology weighed-off, early doors. :)
  9. there are cross overs between army and navy slang ;)
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  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  11. being a current REME tech Class 1, the promotion is not like it used to be, mainly thanks to the Army 2020 restructuring and closing of PIDs all over the place. i have now done 10 years, and currently on the final stage of transferring across. I opened my mouth and gave a truthful opinion which a boss was not happy with so didnt reach the dizzy heights of Stripey, many peeps i know have stalled and now the younger lads get in front due to age and a longer return of service. which has gone down a treat ............

    As much as the career stream was really good at the beginning, i feel that the naval approach is much better, especially for the newbies that join from civ street, more opportunities and you still get some good LSA days in places that we certainly can not get to.
  12. And now, brought to you from the public domain.......... the email (with some additions!) 12246834_523301857845163_3780047521457393528_n.jpg
  13. WOW!!!! There are some absolute tossers about.....
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It gets funnier:
  15. I think the Adj will be having a chat with the CO on Monday, negative coffee for her!
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  16. Nicked this from ARRSE:

    Australian version:

    Subject: 20151110-Officers Refreshments Adjt-O

    Importance: High

    Subbies (and any ****** else who from time to time may have to stand in)


    The CO had to refill the beer fridge himself again this morning. When I found him at smoko he was pissed and sweating like a dingos bollocks.

    You know he is an aging alchoholic and its not safe to let him in the stock room alone. In future the last subbie to vomit in the mess refills the fridge for breakfast.

    The alternative is we follow the British model of latte and biscuits like a bunch of pillow biters.

    Get it ******* right.


    And the American version:

    American version:

    Subject: 20151110-Officers Refreshments Adjt-O

    Importance: High

    In a disastrous preemptive strike by insurgents, this morning at 10:35 the CO was found to have only half a pot of coffee.

    Accordingly I have ordered an overnight air strike on heavily populated areas as a diversionary tactic to cover the airborne insertion of special forces. They will secure the city centre whilst 199th armoured will push through to the main objective, Starbucks.
    Good luck. Godspeed and God me with you.

    William Burford III, Adjutant

    And now this!

    Russian version:

    Subject: 20151110- Refreshments Adjt-O

    Importance: High


    Our beloved Commanding Officer was served tepid coffee in bed this morning.

    This reflects badly upon our soviet egalitarian armed forces.

    To maintain moral I have issued death warrants on half the 5th Shock Army.

    That is all.
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