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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Darbi, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Ok it's offical i start my eat healthy diet today as well as my daily excersie and when possible (work permitting) trip to the gym/pool.

    Even been up since 05.30 figured if i was gonna do this might as well do it right.
    Also spent the morning hours till it get's light (when i can go for a run) doing those brain training thing's. Which from the look of it i need to do :?

    Going next week to my Local AFCO to get the info i need and the forms.

    Any tip's or anything else i should think about learning?

    Ironing/sewing are my main concerns as i'm shite at it :p But then that's what my granny's for if i ask nicely i'm sure she'll help out ex-wren and all.

  2. I fckn hate January!! All the gyms and running routes are crammed with lycra-clad fat bloaters, who are "in the zone" to shed some pounds as part of their new years resolution!! Give it a month and all will be quiet and the pie shops will be busy again though!!

    Darbi, don’t try a dramatic lifestyle change - that’s when people fail!!! If you exercise 3-4 times per week and eat a balanced diet you cant go wrong. By diet I don’t mean fckn cabbage soup or the atkins crap, I mean a balance between carbohydrates, protein, essential fatty acids (EFA's), water etc. 4 meals per day, not huge portions (you should never feel full and bloated, just not hungry) and LOADS of water!!

    Also, try incorporating exercise into your general lifestyle. For example, If I cant train due to other commitments I run or cycle to work. If Im sore from training and cant go to the gym, I walk the 6 miles home from work. By doing this I arrive home refreshed, de-stressed and in reality it doesn’t take much longer than the bus!!

    Forget pracising sewing - its not rocket science. Ironing however is a different stoty!! Go to your grannys/mums/sisters, get there ironing baskets and do it all for them. All those trousers with creases up the front/back, blouses, shirts etc will sort you out in double quick time.

    The hardest part about eating healthy and exercising is the first month. It hurts and your body craves all the crap you fed it over Christmas. Just break it in gently and stick with it until its part of your everyday routine. It’s the people who go for an overnight lifestyle change that fail - and anyone who says "Oh I start my diet on Monday" is a fckn waster!! Even worse are the people who say "Oh I start my diet on Monday so Im going to stuff my face this weekend - well it’s the last time I will get to eat all the nice things!!" BOLLOCKS IT IS!!

    Good luck matey. If you need any specific dietery advice or phys plans, drop me a PM.

  3. i believe sewing and ironing are taught in the first couple of weeks in RT.

    i think ironing and sewing is probably the last thing to worry about. you wont get turned down a place because you cant do some running cross over double loop stitch or whatever.

    fitness and mental preparation are probably better to concentrate on.
    i think that as lots of recruits are 16-18, they dont expect you to be able to do all that homecare stuff. how many 16 year old do you know that do their ironing?
  4. Very true, however if you can already iron when you turn up on day one, think of how much easier it will make your first few weeks in basic training.

    The amount of stand down time that Recruits waste ironing there kit over and over again to get it right is crazy. All that time you could be sorting your other admin or resting!!

    Fitness and personal admin go hand in hand, so get them both sorted and you cant go wrong.
  5. LMAO :lol:

    I agree.

    If I get in, I'll be 100% prepared this time!
  6. Ive been reading up on marine trainin and standards and was wondering if any1 of you ex marines could tell me bout suming. I came accross a section in the training that requires you to go through an underwater tunnel. 5 meters long I think it said. Was wonderin, those of you already done it. Whats it like? Is it hard to do? How much space inside? I have a small clausterphobia issue and Im worried bout that.
  7. you dont need to change ya lifestyle that much mate

    get up that early closer to your date but do start proper exercising but i also recommend gettting into a good routine like get up at 6 make yaself a full fried breakfast then chill watch the tv then go for a run then a swim.... go to work have a nice lunch then come home work on ya press ups and sit ups and go for another swim (swimming can get you extreamly fit even if your just pissing about).

    go home make tea and just chill out... cut down on alcohol that fucks up routine (hangovers and shit)... sounds like a mad routine but thats what work funnly enough..
  8. I haven't done it, but I imagine that when the adrenaline's flowing you'll probably be in and out in under ten seconds and be running towards the next obstacle.

    But like I said I've never had to do it so I could be talking out of my stern gland.

    Why not try reposting this question on the RM forum? Then you'll get the authentic answer.
  9. shakeys quite right there you would prob worry everyday till you got there then when it came to it your adrenelin would just fly through it..
  10. Stop worrying. Did cdo course number of years ago. The tunnel u refer to is'nt that long. If u go first an instructor pulls u thru fm the far end, once thru u pull the next man thru. If they let the royal princes have a go it cant be that bad. U are thru in less than 5 seconds, stop worrying & enjoy the buzz when u get your cdo berry. best of luck
  11. I find getting up at 5.30 going for a run and eating healthy easier if i just go straight into it, i know if i do it gradually it never works for me.

    But thankyou for the advice i have a diet plan which is balanced, which is good coz i hate all that rabbit food crap.

    And now i fixed my bike i'm using it to get around everywhere.

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