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So I have done a lot of research into what I would of been doing down at HMS Raleigh but I am not going there anymore I am going to HMS Collingwood for my basic training, can anyone give any information on what basic training down there will be like?


Who told you Covid is "rife" ?
And define "rife" in this context.
I have mates currently at Collingwood for their phase 1 training, they started phase 1 at the same time but when they come back after leave they will be starting week 1 even though they’ve been there for 8 due to constantly having to isolate as the cases at Collingwood are very high compared to Raleigh.


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Dont know about Collingwood but the covid rate in Fareham is less than the national average 13 cases per 100k in the last week, 15 cases in total.

You will also get full takeaway access to McDonalds.

Once they trust you to go out of course.
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Only went to Collingwood once (slops run from Daedalus), I remember the duty watch muster was probably the size of Daedalus's ship company!

Thread drift...When I was working out of Eindhoven (RNLAF) Airbase in 2019 the "Duty (van) Watch was 1 Captain (Lt).