Training ship with no Flags

:oops: :oops: Noticed their was no flags flying on the training ship, moored up the Dart :oops: :oops: Would be a good training excersise for the young Sirs!!! Coulors/ Sunset. Spoilt my tea and sticky buns at Agatha Christies Pad Greenways . Thinking about those untrained Snottys :lol: :lol: :lol: PS ( The training ship moored in the River Dart at Sandquay, currently the former Sandown class minehunter, HMS Cromer, continues to bear the name Hindostan.)


Lantern Swinger
HINDOSTAN is a tender, not a commissioned warship, and as such does not carry out ceremonial.

Step away from the outrage bus, and hand back the keys.
The Hindostan is a floating classroom in effect, used for Seamanship lessons Damage Control exercises and used in a C2 role during the final leadership exercise MARL. She has no engines, no generators, and relies on shore supplies. As has been correctly stated she is not commissioned and is a training tool.

The Ceremonies of Colours and Sunset are conducted daily by Officer Cadets, with the 2OOD (Duty Senior OC/YO) enjoying standing still during Colours with a Telescope under the arm, for an indeterminate amount of time.

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