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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mark33, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. hi does anyone know the order in which my training will take place. I start my basic training at raleigh in a just over a week. Hopfully all will go well and after passing out move onto phase 2 but my chosen branch is et(mesm) will I go onto sultan to do engineering first or stay at raleigh and do submariner training? Ive also been told that submariner training may be split into 2 section with engineering training sandwiched between the 2 parts i.e 2 months dry training 4 months engineering then back and complete 2 months wet training is this correct? My AFCO was a little unsure himself so I thought i would ask if anyone had the information. Thanks for your help.
  2. Been done on here before but here we go again


    in that order
  3. Has this been a recent change Wrecker? I'm sure I've seen this mentioned on here several times in the past but the fact sheets for (at least some) SM trades still show it as being 4 months at the SM school before Phase 2 then Part 3 on board.
    I don't think mark33 is they only one who's a little unsure of the training pipeline as there seems to be a lot of contradictory information out there, including stuff from official sources.
  4. It's correct for ETME(SM) which was the branch specified.

    You may get a holdover period in Corporate/Hawke squadron whilst waiting for Phase 2 to start but not for 4 months. You can do SPO/Sett and Firefighting in that time.

    ETWE(SM), CIS(SM), TSM and SSM do their Phase 2 in the SM School.

    The white mafia do theirs at the Defence Maritime Logistics School (DMLS) which is situated in Raleigh
  5. Ah, I thought that with the exception of Phase 2 training was the same for all SM trades in terms of what happens where and when. Also thought Phase 2 for ETWE(SM) was at Collingwood, at least that's what I said at my interview.
    How the fcuk did I pass? :?
  6. Don't knock it shippers. :wink:
  7. Some of it is
  8. Cheers wrecker
  9. Thanks Wrecker, put my mind at rest. Had a horrible thought that I might have been talking bollocks in my interview for a minute.

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