Training Route for Communications Technician

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LizzyGreen, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi there

    I have my selection interview next week and I need to know the training route for Communications Technician.

    I thought that I knew it but keep finding conflicting information!

    I know that it is 9 weeks at HMS Raleigh, and 4-6 months sea training. But then is it HMS Collingwood or Chicksands for the technical training and is it 8 or 18 months?

    Any help on this would be fantastic.

    Many thanks
  2. Quack Quack Oooops. It's 10 weeks at HMS Raleigh.
  3. It is? On the website and all the documentation I have it says 9 weeks. It is more the Collingwood v Chicksands that I am unsure about...
  4. I passed out of Raleigh (when it was nine weeks), and then went to Collingwood. It was then HMS Ocean, for approximately 6 months. Had a couple of weeks back at Collingwood to do some Morse/typing consolidation, and then went to Blandford for five weeks. Had two weeks summer leave, and I'm now at DISC Chicksands.
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  5. Ahh I see - so basically it is Raleigh, Collingwood, sea training, Collingwood, Blandford and Chicksands....

    So very helpful.

    Also, another question I need to know for my interview is - where I would be based once CT training is complete...? Any idea..I remember once being told that a lot of work can be with the RAF, US Navy and French Navy...sound about right?

    And another thing, I don't suppose you have any idea of the pass rate of Raleigh? (this is more to settle my nerves!)

  6. Is that your real name?

    If so, not a good start for a secret squirrel.
  7. Our second time at Collingwood was because we left the ship early I believe - it may not be what normally happens. In terms of where you may be after you complete Phase 2C is anyone's guess. It could be in London, overseas, at sea, or a mixture. We haven't been told yet.

    Also, I have no idea of what the Raleigh pass rate is!
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  8. haha, technically it is not.
  9. Why concern yourself about the pass rate at Raleigh. Do you think that there is a certain amount from each entry that they are looking to get rid of. If everyone reaches and maintains the standards they will all pass-out. Turn up, do your very best, do as you're told, keep your head below the radar, pass everything and all will be fine. Don't forget to bring an iron.
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