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hi I will be filling out my application for the RNR in next few days I am looking to see if anyone has any good training plans that has worked for themselves

I have recently started going out for runs and working on Cardio excercises but have realised I have become rather unfit these past few months and will fail any fitness test miserably at the minute, so any one got any plans to help build up fitness and there running, I am a young women with a toddler so any early morning runs and trips to the pool or gym are out of the question, I have 3 hours while he is a pre school Monday to Friday to work my magic.

Also roughly how long has it taken people to get to any fitness test from filling out the first forms I know there are estimated guidelines but just wondering from people's experiences?
The royal navy have a fitness tool online that may be of use also I'm in a simular situation to you I tend to mix it up with insanity training and just some good old running outside the key is to keep it intresting by mixing it up I find not get yourself to set in on particular excersizes
Got Insanity sat on my PC, I should probably get to it now things are speeding up. The exercises in the Navy's programme are good, but you need to be doing them as you apply to built it up. As for the timeline thing, it varies so much, mine's as follows:
Mar 2nd: applied online
Mar 7th: Response saying application had been sent to AFCO
Mar 8th: Callback from AFCO asking a few questions, arrange RT
Mar 14th: RT - Passed, arrange Selection Interview
Mar 23rd: Selection Interview - Passed, get some forms, do SC.
Mar 25th: Had opticians, send off medical forms
I've been told my medical will probably be around the middle of April, but you can see those first stages were swift. :cool:


Oh wow that is rather quick was thinking it was going to take months like hubbys RM application did, might concentrate on getting a bit fitter before I apply then was going to do that tonight while little one in bed, what sort of questions do they ask you when they first ring up?
Nothing taxing, most are already done on their online form, it's just confirming some details (some may be role specific?): parents nationality, any current medical problems, UK passport holder, etc

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