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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by foxy202, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. So I have my AIB coming up rather quickly (this isn't really an AIB question though). Everyone stresses the importance of knowing the pipeline inside out and I need help badly!

    I was using the RN website's bit about Dartmouth as my guidance but my AFCO has provided me with totally different information. I understand the various aspects of training but it's the broader stuff that I'm now cofused about. All the information online, in RN publications and on here seems to be conflicting, possibly because some of it is pretty old.

    Could somebody please give me a short sweet summary where you go, in what order and for how long? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. That would depend entirely on what job you're going to be doing you chimp.
  3. -irrelevant-
  4. ahhh yes. I knew there would be some vital information left out, making me look stupid. I'm talking about general service warfare.

    perhaps I can make this simpler. what I've been told by my AFCO is:

    - 2 fourteen week terms at BRNC including initial fleet training

    - another 14 weeksdoing the initial warfare officers foundation 1 and 2

    - 4 weeks at HMS collingwood

    - 9 months of specialist fleet time

    - 15 week initial warfer officers course.

    Is this accurate? It seems to be at odds with whats on the RN website. Or maybe I'm just getting horribly confused.
  5. That sounds like the new scheme. Enjoy!
  6. Keeping the website accurate is difficult, surprisingly. Many branches are undergoing, what seems to be, continual churn in training pipeline. So keeping the rules updated, then the career publications in step and (finally, by some way) the website, is a never ending task. Bring back the Aegean stables...
  7. ssshh.

    Can you hear it?


    It's the world's smallest violin playing just for scabz!!! :D
  8. Just realised that I never said thanks to you guys who helped me out. You've saved me learning lots of useless crap.

    So... thanks :D
  9. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Confused? Join the rest of us.
  10. As an officer all you need to learn are which knives and forks to use and in which order, and when to leave your shoes out for your steward to polish. As for the rest of it, a Senior Rating will be along to point you in the right direction and pretend that you told him what to do, and let you take the chuck-ups for having such brilliant ideas.
  11. sorry to dig up this old thread but can anyone confirm that for Aircrew the training would be

    -2 fourteen week terms at BRNC including initial fleet training

    -flying grading DURING or AT THE END OF these terms????

    -Passing out to then onto DEFTS?

    thanks for any help
  12. Anyone confirm the training pipeline for a logistics officer?
  13. so have they scrapped cft aswell now? i got told it was 2 terms of 12 weeks but where does IST and CFT come into it now?
    does anyone happen to know how its structured now or is it he same just militarisation and pre IST all rolled into one?
  15. CFT and IST have been combined into a new fangled creation called IFT, as for what that will involve and how it will be structured, nobody knows because nobody has done it yet.
  16. ah ok. cheers! i did think it was odd that no one knew anything
  17. Can anyone explain the difference with the pipeline when going in with or without a degree though please? I've read that as part of the warfare training, you are to undertake certain educational modules which go towards your HD in Naval Studies but as I will not be able to gain this qualification, will I still be doing the study? (I keep talking as if I'm in...getting a bit too confident! lol). Thanks in advance!
  18. While researching the answer to another question earlier, I discovered the online version of Navy News Go to the e-version of June's edition using the button at the top left.

    There is a 2 page article on the new Officers' Training on pages 14-15.

    For anyone facing an AIB I would suggest that going through the back issues for updates on ops and general naval matters would be invaluable.

    (For anyone currently serving there is also an RNTM out now giving the detail, sorry can't remember the number but it is this years)

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