Training Partner(s) in Central London

Hi Guys (and to be PC, girls too :hello2:)

I was wondering whether there are any others like me waiting for either their start date or their final PEDA/PRNC's (or anyone else who is up for it) currently based in Central London, and who would like to do a regular weekend run? I am starting to get slightly bored of running by myself, and think that having someone along (or more than one person) will help me pick up the pace a bit, but also add more enjoyment into it.

If there is anyone who is keen, let me know. I am looking to rather do longer distances at a slightly slower pace (essentially a 10 mile recovery run), as I do my speed training during the week - however can do either, depending on who is keen.

It would be good to see what the interest is here - I may be looking in the wrong place, but I have found that training with people who have no understanding of where I am trying to get to (the "why on earth would you want to join the military?" types) just raises the wrong questions.

Let me know - We can always find a beer afterwards, so it can be a social thing as well as training.

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