Training partner London

Hi Fellas,

I am a potential RMR recruit and have just passed the paperwork and initial fitness test stage of the application. I am waiting for the RMR Selection weekend at the Liverpool det in September.

I will be working in London over the summer and was looking for a training partner. It would be great to have someone to do some short runs and circuits with in a park or longer runs on the hilly outskirts of London (like Hampstead, Epping Forest). I'll be based in Central London (Maida Vale) but can travel. Having someone to train with would really help with motivation.

I'm also going to shuffle along to some holding troop sessions at RMR London. Even though this won't be my eventual unit, it would be really good to gauge how I'm progressing.

Drop me a PM if you're interested. Good luck to all the aspiring booties out there.
Thanks for the advice lads.

British Military Fitness - I'd never heard of it before but it's a great site with some funny video clips:

Do you go to these classes then Drakey? Are they good training for those working towards RMR standards?

I've never liked gyms and getting folk to excercise outdoors in groups with some good-natured barking from a PTI is a top idea. I might pop into the Hampstead Heath session or maybe join up back in Sheffield where it would be cheaper.

Still be interested in hearing from anyone looking to do some training in London area.


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