Training Manual for women.

I'm sure that most RR members will be very pleased on my behalf to know that I have finished my training Instruction manual for women.
This manual covers all aspects from simple basic commands, to advanced methods of control and discipline.
It has been a project of mine for many many years, and in fact I first started writing it when I was twenty years old, so forty years in the making.
It was due to be published in june, and was projected to hit the high street by early august.
Unfortunately there will now be an unexpected delay until it reaches the shelves due to a twist in the circumstances of its existence.
My wife found a copy of the original draft and it is due to this fact that publishing has been delayed.
A team of surgeons are as I speak, discussing, (without causing too much damage) the best way to surgically remove the manuscript from my arsehole, to bring it to press.


I have heard of this lengendary tome but doubted its existence, as I firmly believed the species could not be told or instructed in anything.

I have found the race to be pig-headed, stubborn to the point of stupidity, and unable to follow simple instructions, without trying to find another, better way to do it - often with disasterous results.

I would be willing to get my hands on an advance copy and can pay your costs in slightly dubious euro notes that cost me 50 centimos each.

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