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Hi all, first post so please bear with me!

I'm currently at the beginning of my application to be a TMO. I just have few questions in regards to the position, as I'm aware it's changed a fair amount recently.
Any information would be great but here are the more specific questions I have:
What are the specific areas that TMOs go into? Is it still quite engineer based?
Are there opportunities to take postings abroad, or are TMOs generally based in the UK for their career?
What are the promotional realities? I understand that many other roles get promoted a lot faster, but is it still possible to get to a fair rank?
Where are the postings most likely to be in the UK for TMOs?

As I said, any other information would be great!



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Use the search function there is quite an extensive thread on ETMS.

In general there is a range of postings, difficult to say it's engineering biased especially once past the core teaching roles.

ETM's are parented by the 'big E' branch because that was the logical way to host the residual 'skoolies' when the Instructor branch met it's demise.

Yes there are overseas (LFS) appointments. ETM'S are employed across all UK shore establishments, air stations and Commando units, in specialisation and staff appointments. There are sea appointments but not as many as we used to have.

Broadly speaking promotion isn't any faster or slower for ETM'S it's all about promotion to requirement I. E. How many are needed at a given rank each year. Being a small branch just means there are less 'slots' to fill up.
Hi Wave Dodger,

I have looked at most of the threads for ETMS, I just feel they must be a bit outdated as most are when it was necessary to have an Engineering degree etc.

Thank you for your response. Some useful information


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Most of the information is still pertinent, entry mechanism and requirements have changed, that aside the branch hasn't massively changed.


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You have chosen well...

By the way, there is no such thing as an E(TM) anymore, they have come out from under the E area and are now free standing as TMO.


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:D With a name like 'Trainer", why would I be sarcastic? Maybe you're more suited to being a Dabber? There, I was being sarcastic there......

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