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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by whiteknight, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. 6 bottles of Peroni, half a bottle of red, a bottle of white and a 2 dbl rum's do i need to drink anymore than that or is this acceptable? I managed a 20hr long session a few months ago but this proved to be expensive and had to spend the rest of my time that month in the gym. hick :puke:
  2. You are a long way off being Forces fit with that, you need to put in some serious work.

    You need to be able to drink through the golden hour (That point where you can't stand, talk or stay awake) and return to tipsy at least three times per sesh to be even basically qualified.

    I suggest a course of 10 pints of either Stella or Kronenbourg followed by half a bottle of Jamesons and 12 Sambucas every night for the next three weeks, once you've got that weighed off, we will advance.
  3. Oh god, not sambucca! I had one forced down my throat last night...not a pretty time!! I defo need some training help!! :p
  4. Be carefull "officer_inland",quote "I had one forced down my throat last night" unquote :wink:
  5. And who's to say that wouldn't be true as well?? :lol:
  6. You little tinker you, :D ,i hope the oik was gentle with you, :wink:
  7. You're quite the charmer tonight Chris :roll: :D
  8. :D Well one either has it or doesnt have it,and i must say that YES i am gifted with a certain wit and charm,"christina" certainly thought so :D
  9. Who is this Christina everyone speaks of?
  10. Bit of a wuss tbh, but a hot wuss 8)
  11. can you lend me a tenner a pay it back honest..... next julember. 10 pints of stella 8O al be under the table then, if you had said that a year ago no problem now the afco medical dude told me, you'll have to lose 15kg son haven't been able to drink the same since.
  12. Am i going to be in for a hard time seeing as i don't drink?
  13. No..just feck off and join the RAF
  14. Wish I didn't drink! Then again, think my mind will change come wednesday!! :p
  15. Not necessarily, as long as you're sociable you'll be fine. Although let us know if you still don't drink in 2 years time once you're in the fleet.

    You'll be as soaked as the rest of us by then.
  16. What branch are you ? 8)
  17. Noobs drinking anything more potent than water and milk! What's the World coming to? You'll be demanding puy lentils on toast, Earl Grey tea in your plastic mug and handmade choccies by your bedside upon arrival at Raleigh next! :roll:

    Moose juice anyone?
  18. Going in as ETME I used to drink and just got bored of it. I'm sure in a couple of years navy life will succumb me into it again though am I right?
  19. A couple of years? I'll give you 9 weeks.

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