Training for MDC's PDA, any advice?

Hey, so far I've nailed he RT, Interview and recently smashed the fitness test getting a time of 9:57 for the 2.4 km (wasn't as tough as I thought once the ole adrenaline kicked in thank God)
Next is my PDA. Now my cardio is good enough and I'm only going to get it better as is my strength to be honest as I've been training with two marines so they've beat my ass into shape. I am however worried about my swimming..I am aware I have to swim horsea lake, water circuit training etc. I am a strong swimmer as far as your average joe goes but I am aware this is a different ball game rough water and 1000 metre's is a long swim! I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or a good progressive swimming program to get my endurance and pace up and possibly any resources on the finning technique used by divers as I can't seem to find much on this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
just an nice steady pace finning remember the tale of the hare and the tortoise 1000mt not that far in an enclosed lake not like in open water with a tide running best of luck gate way to the best job in the world
Thanks! I got a pretty good score in my RT my career officer keeps suggesting engineer for the RM or AET but tbh I've had my heart set on this and feel all my training has been for this so I'm gna try to do it, if it's meant to be then good, I said to him if I fail then I'll think about something else but as a good man once said "It takes more courage to fail than to never try, what if never made it to the arena." aha
remember when you are on your pda give it your best a lot has changed in pusser diving from I did my course 40yr ago but still the same ethics apply do your best at all times and remember you will have good days and some very bad ones that is when you have to pull out all stops and keep going the instructors will be looking for that team spirit its a very big thing each member must have full trust in the other members of his team because when shite hits fan lives could depend on how you react that's why the pda and the course is so demanding to make sure that you can cope under pressure and mould as a team and react as one not having to ask what to do and make the right decision
so give it your best and good luck
Thanks for the advice :) I won't give up certainly aha the run I can do, the body weight things I can do, I've got like 4-5 months I'll just work on my swimming and give it my best! If anyone else has any recommendations on where I can find what finning is that'd be great...I think it's the swim where you're like on your side/back right?
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