Training - Does It Differ ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellisdove, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. Ok , When you finally go to ralleigh and start the training etc ,does it differ depending on what your going in as ?

    Like if I'm going in as a writer ,and someone else is going in as WS is the training harder/easier ? or is everyone trained on the same level?

  2. Basic training is basic training, everyone does the same thing
  3. Everyone does the same basic training for phase 1 which at the moment consists of 9 weeks. Then after that you become seperated for phase 2 establishments, depending on your branch depends on your time at phase 2/3.

    I'm about to go into week 4 at raleigh.
  4. Enjoying it Patrick? and what did you go in as ?
  5. Yeah was good fun, did pier cellars on thursday that was a good bonding session. NMT all week now.. still got some blisters though. Have you got a joining date yet?
  6. Hey up Bed-Wetter, did the nickname stick? :D
  7. Whats new in the training that wasnt included in the 70`s.

    It used to take 6 weeks now 9. the lads now seem to be fitter than I was. The timed run wasnt included although in 77/8 when I was with a unit that had RM in it they did it then, and only did it on leadership course 80 ish and avoided it untill leaving in 96. so I dont think its fitness.

    So whats new?
  8. I'm similar generation to you Topstop.

    Unlike in our time they do a week of military training (I think we did a day) - the old joke of a 'matelot with a gun' isn't as true as it used to be.

    They also all do quite a lot of seamanship which, as a non-warfare/ops (whatever) I didn't do back in the 70s. Tie a knot? Yeah - right.

    Sorry if a bit vague, but that's how I see it and I certainly feel that current training produces a more rounded 'sailor' than in my time.
  9. I think I fall into the same category as Guzzler and Topstop. I remember doing a forenoon of knot tying down by the river before having to row a whaler round Harwich Harbour.
  10. Today's Basic for you, Topstop:
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Arguably, those of us who underwent 6 weeks basic training were 50% quicker to learn than nowadays.

    Then again the 'duffers' that went to Ganges were there for a year. :lol:
  12. I must be mega ace hoofin' good, I only did 6 weeks at Ganges (as did Topstop..or maybe it's because we were submariners and therefore more intelligent and capable than the rest)
  13. Seems more "civilised" than Ganges abit like "Center Parcs" .

    But still doing the job, their training must be "broader" these days, I wouldent want to go back to compare them personaly, it must still push you to the limit, just different.
  14. I didn't do 6 or 9, I did 8 weeks as standard. They've found a week from somewhere. Did it go 6 to 8 or was there a time when it was 7 weeks? Just curious.
  15. It went 6 to 8 and was then increased to 9 a couple of years ago. There was talk about upping it again to 10 weeks, but it looks like it will remain at 9 weeks due to the financial costings.


  16. Nah, I get called Bugs or Buggsy mainly. Been good fun though, we have a week of NMT , week of seamanship principles, and mainly the 1st week is abit of a doss really, so thats probably why it's longer. I've heard rumours about possibly extending training next year from 9 weeks to 19 weeks and involving 4 weeks of NMT & more in depth activities like dartmoor.

    1st major kit muster on monday, doing alright with it.
  17. 10 weeks is the current buzz at MWS about basic training. So extending an extra week.

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