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"Training by Video" the new approach to promotion

Re: "Training by Video" the new approach to promot

beer_bosun said:
Can't beleive that "Making Waves" hasn't been mentioned yet.

You know, the TV drama that only managed to have 3 (of 6) episodes broadcast before being pulled.

Navy News was selling the DVD under the strapline "includes the episodes not broadcast" <-- me thinks they bought a job lot before it became a resounding flop. It made a good booby prize for our Christmas Dinner anyway.

Sad sack that I am - I bought the DVD, and episode 4 featured RF/DF exercise. How not to do it indeed. I laughed my bleedin' head off. I reckon the NMTU saw it first and got it taken off the air. Talk about making the RN look unprofessional.
Re: "Training by Video" the new approach to promot

The worst thing about Making waves was the acting, they couldn't have been more wooden if they'd tried.

At least the morons on Soldier Soldier had a bit of personality. Making waves was done on the cheap (cheap actors i mean) and was an embarrassment to the RN.

They'd be much better doing another Sailor type documentory. Even that recent documentory "ShipMates" was pants. darting from some bird who wanted to be in the gun crew to a chaplains friend putting on a show. what a load of tripe.

Sailor was an excellent recuitment tool for the RN, why dont they do another.
Re: "Training by Video" the new approach to promot

A crap film is rarely down to acting, miracles can be done with good direction, editing and post me, it's what my company does. We normally shoot with actors who we only pay standard equity rates, but the results are good because of the production talent.

This is more about closed shop projects controlled by committee and not the creatives. We do some filming for the NHS and the ODPM, and the biggest problem is that they think they are all Steven f*****g Spielberg.

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