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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by farmer_jack, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Good afternoon girls and boys,

    Now I know there has been a LOT of discussion on here about RNR training with regard to sea time, available courses etc and how the RNR seems to be getting short-changed with what members can and cannot apply for... so this is NOT intended to be a follow on to that already well-trodden path.

    My problem is this..

    In my employment contract I have to get formal written permission by my boss to do any other employment other than his. Obviously the RNR falls into this category, and basically, he is having a bit of a paddy about me disappearing for two weeks training during our busy period. Sooo...I am working hard to sell it to him!!!

    I know the annual training commitment is 24days, which includes your evenings etc, but the two-week jobby - I assume there are a couple of blocks available to choose from over the year?

    Are there any "first years" out there who have been through similar probs and could give me an idea of how the training might progress in the first 12months in blue? :)

    many thanks.... apologies in advance if this opens any old cans of worms lying around!!!!!!!

  2. Did your employer not already know that you were in/joining the RNR, or have you recently changed employment or boss ?

    If you have recently joined the service, than you should of discussed this with your employer and got them to complete the paper work, that informs the employer of your intention to join.


  3. You can do it as a block of 10 days ORT or two lots of 5 days. Normally Raleigh is your first years ORT and that is two weeks all together but the courses are run throughout the year so you "busy period" could be avoided. Subsequents years training depends on your preferred branch but should be able to work around work commitments.

    What your employer should be worrying about is if you are mobilised, as that is for 6 months and they get no option but to release you!
  4. Have you tried contacting SaBRE (0800 389 5459) apparently they are there to Support Britain's Reservists & Employers.

    If your boss is having a strop, would they be able to provide any help and support?
  5. Not strictly true Phil, because your employer can make a representation to god knows who should you get mobilised. There is a tribunal and a decision is made there whether your employer's arguements are sufficient to stop you doing your duty and serving your country!
  6. farmer.......,
    if your employer is have a conipation fit over when you do the courses bounce it up the divisional tree next time you are in unit. that's what the NE trainers are there for to help you make the transistion into the RNR.....and that includes any problems you have with your employer.

    I am fortunate in being able to use my vacations for ORT and the times where I have been late back into the UK my bosses haven't thrown the rattle out of the pram.(yet)

    Have a word mate....there may be an employers freebe around somewhere........cocktail do, a day on a ship at sea, an employers presentation anything which will give him/her a better understanding of what you are doing, how important it is, how it will benefit you and the company you work for......Try Sabre, go through your a last resort try the AFCO.

    to answer your question.........the first year is generally NE (new entry stuff). Class room(in unit) and two weeks at Raliegh, with an occasional regional/sea weekend thrown in (also divisions and Remembrance Sunday) so not a great deal. And the courses at raleigh run at regular intervals so there's no problem with timings normally.

    hope that helps mate :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  7. Thanks for the tips, esp SaBRE etc.

    Rugger_Bob - I am currently at the stage of form filling etc with a view to entry asap, so am not in yet. I am strying to sell it to him as a good idea so that he will fill in all the bits he is meant to and not get too shirty about it!

    From what you have all said it sounds pretty much as Id expected - Im sure there are ways to avoid clashes with busy times. It's just a minor pain in the proverbial, having put the hard yards in to get this far.... he's just being a bit petty!

    Mind you, he pays the bills so it is something I will have to work around!!!!

    Thanks again

  8. Don't know how true this is.

    But I have heard a dit being discussed at my units NE training office that all NE have to pass one of the NE course before they can apply to do the Raleigh component of NE.

    Something to do with too many RNR sprogs turning up unprepared for the 2 weeks. How that is happening I don't know but what the hey...

  9. i know my bosses were more concerned about the working hours directive. basically there are 2 levels, normal part time work and loony stuff.(over 86 hours per week. reassure them it is odd weekends and occasional drill nights.
    your 2 week block at raleigh can be fitted in at a quiet time.
  10. The Armed Forces is exempt from the working time directive, so I think that is therefore a red herring buster.
  11. Not exactly sure what buster was talking about phil, but as a fireman he may be in a similar situation to me, as a train driver (trainee but i'm getting there!) I have certain conditions i have to meet around my hours worked for safety reasons ie, no more than 12 hours worked, no less than 12 hours between shifts, no more than 13 consecutive shifts, and no more than 72 hours in any week, blah blah blah.
    This would include any part time activities such as the RNR, so i have to be careful that my weekends training dont mean that i may be breaking any of the above rules.
    Having said that, my employers are very supportive of my reserve activities, giving extra time off, it seems that most of the guys here are ex Navy/RM, army crab etc.
    Anyway anyone want to drag this thread back on track before i take us somewhere else and we all get lost? :shock: :oops:

  12. read before you post. the original post was regarding an employer issue, i.e outside job. you had better believe that working time directives apply.
  13. i have read and I have posted, if the RN is exempt them de facto RNR time is exempt.
  14. Hate to disillusion you guys, but the RN/RNR is only partially exempt from the working time directive. Exemptions only apply where there is 'a need to achieve and maintain operational effectiveness'. Specifically: 1. Operations, direct support to operations and operational training. 2. work undertaken in RN ships at sea and alongside. 3. the requirement for records to be kept. So I fear that NE training would not meet the exemption (but time at sea would).
  15. So are you telling me that a New Entry at Raleigh is now limited to maximum 48 hours work a week! Give me a break!
  16. Busters no fireman!!!!

    He is Tayside Snakes and Ladders Champion 4 shifts a week :lol:

    Hardly working time directive material.

    Greetings from Libya Buster!!!

    Its taken me 20 mins to type this on an Arabic keyboard that makes less sense than..... An arabic keyboarb (oops)
  17. The WT regs aren't based around a snapshot but averaging over a period of time, I think that period of time exceeds the length of NE training.


    Whils I'm not in the same situation as Farmer Jack I am in the process of encouraging my prospective employers that the RNR isn't going to be a big issue.

    As far as I know I'm not going to have to do any NE guff, just branch specific training.

    The challenge right now is to get them out of thinking that it is ''like the TA'', and I won't be deploying in a formed unit with no discretion about timing etc. The difficulty is that the firm sell my time, and the financial compensation to the firm for my time won't scratch the lost revenue if I'm mobilised for six months. Probably a similar situation to RCs firm in fact.....

    Mind you, the Land Information Assurance Group has been suggested to me as an alternative to the RNR........

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