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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GivingaReachAround, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. I just want to ask if you can save money when your in navy and i heard that you can go on training corses, not just the norm ones like math english etc, i mean other course which are practical, like air conditioning, carpentry, u get the picture.

    Is this true, it would be a great help if some one had a list of the courses you can do.
  2. Just like any other job its down to you or not if you can save.
  3. Not unless you do them in your own time, course's like air con etc are covered if you join as an ET(ME) but not other branches. When you leave the mob you'll be able to do them as EVT's (Extra Vocational Training) to help you when you become a civvy.

    It's up to you to save your dosh and manage your finances. No different to civvy street.
  4. all depends if you can resist the temptation to stay of alcohol and not buy random shite on a jolly.
  5. You can sign up for 3 Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) which are £1000, or £2000 depending on how long you have served. You can use these credits (1 a year, valid throughout your service and for 10 years after you leave) for any course that is equivalent or higher than NVQ level 3.

    So basically you can do any course you want as long as it is NVQ level 3 or above and you can put 1 ELC towards it. It is well worth looking at companies who offer the courses as there is some great stuff out there. I am looking at doing my bike test at the moment and it usually costs around £700 all in. The bike test is not classified as NVQ 3 or above therefore I can't use an ELC for it. However a company in Oxford do an NVQ course called something like 'Motorcycle control and use' which luckily includes the test as part of the qualification, therefore game on with the ELCs.

    As for saving cash, what a shite question you fcuking dullard.
  6. Informative, and then the sting. Brilliant.
  7. Correct, however there are literally thousands of places that are accredited offering all sorts of different courses. Also if you find a course that you really want to do that isn't with an accredited training provider, it is a fairly simple process to get them recognised.

    I did this with my resettlement course, found a course I liked the look of got the course provider to sort out the paperwork. I got the course for a tiny personal contribution and the course provider got loads more business through the mob.
  8. Hahaha that made me laugh so much! :D

    Is there like a list of every NVQ level 3 + course that counts for 1ELC?
    It may well be in what Soleil posted, but I havent had a chance to read through that yet, as I am already late for school! eek! 8O

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