Training Allowance Withdrawal - what do you think?

Are you in favour of the withdrawal of the Training Allowance (for drill night attendance)?

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Lantern Swinger
Not sure if I am going over old water here (tried doing a RR search but results were a bit random).

The powers that be decided to remove the training allowance payable to reserves attending drill nights from April 2006.

The reasoning I heard were that "the vast majority of reserves go home to eat before going on to their unit".

I'd be interested to know if this really is the case throughout the whole RNR?

My own experience is this (and I'd be glad of any other experiences)

My London unit begins its drill at 7pm. I leave work at 5.30pm.

I travel direct to unit and usually arrive about 6.30pm giving me time to eat in the galley.

If I travel home, I will get there at about 6.30pm. If I then turn straight round and head to unit, I will get there about 8pm, giving me no time to get to unit never mind having an evening meal.
My experience is common throughout my unit but wonder if it is different at other units?

The removal of the £3.25 training allowance may not seem a great deal but when I consider the cost of eating in the galley (funnily enough, about £3).

Maybe I'm tight, I do squeak when I walk.
We've been told that we can eat free in Excellent. Which by the way is probably the only way that they can get people to eat there it is sooo awful. And what about when Pay as You Dine comes in?
Without Training Allowance it now costs me more to travel to the unit on a drill night than what I get paid on a drill night. Yes I claim travelling expenses and do eventually get paid for those drill nights but as it's paid in arrears, I find it difficult to find £10 (or so) every week for train fares to the unit. Removal of training allowance just makes that harder.

Three points to make
1) This is just a cost cutting exercise
2) It's probably being removed because nobody thought to include it into JPA, and it's too late to add in that functionality now
3) It shows to some extent a lack of care on the RNR's part - £3 per person, to them, ought to be nothing; but it makes a big difference in my case and in the scenario described above.
I believe it was cut because it was not specified in JPA, and the reasons given by CMR are "spin" (if you can call it that).

JPA is nothing more than an implementatoin of a standard off the shelf HR and Payroll system, and if it were not for MoD's contract with the supplier, it would cost very little to add the payment back into the system.

If you look at it in percentage terms, it is a very large pay cut when we are only paid 1/4 days pay for turning up on a drill night, even more so when you look at the travel time (which is not paid). The loss of the allowance appears to be between 20% and 50% reduction in pay, depending on rank and rate of tax.

This show how keen the CMR really are to retain members of the RNR. In the real world, no organisation would impose a paycut, without notice, while at the same time being seriously undermanned - anyway it would not be legal, but of course the RNR are casual labour, so they can do what they like.

Actually in this case it was not a CMR decision, it was made across all the Reserve Forces by Director Reserve and Cadets, which just show how totally out of touch they are, given the TA are in a worse retention state!
I totally agree with you beer_bosun, I leave work at 1700hrs and travel 75 miles to my unit (which has no catering facilities). On completion, its another 75 miles home arriving at approximately 2300hrs. This as an AB1 equates to approximately £ 11 odds before tax. To stop the training/missed meal allowance is another nail in the coffin as far as I,m concerned. Nobody asked me whether I go home and have a meal, did somebody just presume we all have nice employers who send us home early for some scran before we attend drill nights!!!
Ok, its only £ 3.25 but more importantly I think morally this is wrong. I don't mind the 1/4 days pay but at least the £ 3.25 covered some sort of meal.
It would be interesting to hear from one of the morale sapping "decision makers" on this subject.


Book Reviewer
Jim30 said:
Could we instead file reciepts for actuals on any expenditure incurred for meals on attendance at drill nights?
'fraid not, because there's nothing to which we're entitled against which we can claim.


Lantern Swinger
Could we not then do some training application for drill nights to reclaim actuals and travelling expenses?

When one does a travel claim on the MOD system (HRMS) you can reclaim all your costs in one payment. Far too sensible for the RN to do the same thing!


Book Reviewer
Jim30 said:
Could we not then do some training application for drill nights to reclaim actuals and travelling expenses?

When one does a travel claim on the MOD system (HRMS) you can reclaim all your costs in one payment. Far too sensible for the RN to do the same thing!
The problem is that a drill night is only 2 hours long, or one quarter of a day; its this short duration which is what falls outside the MOD parameters for triggering a claim. To incorporate such an allowance would be Reserve Force specific and would effectively reintroduce TA. Lets face it, JPA appears flaky enough as it is, without trying to break it by making a change affecting a very small number of people!
We don't need to break JPA. Accoording to the news a few weeks ago, when the Crabs got their first payment from JPA they found that no one had got their Flying Pay allowance. With that sort of error in the first time that it was used you can see that it's going to be a real disaster before it gets to us. Stand by for a lot of hassle.
We were told that the RNR could no longer have the £3 because it was found that the TA and RAAF didnt get it.

So basically they took it off us rather than give it to them.

Personally i have about 30 mins at home before i go into the unit - which is alot more than some people - and that 30 mins is spent getting changed, getting my kit and seeing my kids for a few minutes (esepcially if i'm away for the weekend).

The £3.00 allowed me to get some food to eat on the way in.
beer_bosun said:
"the vast majority of reserves go home to eat before going on to their unit"
I would really like to see the evidence on which that is based - my unit has a large patch so moat people (probably 2/3) come straight from work; even those who live locally probably can't manage it - I couldn't when I lived & worked within 30mins of the unit, as often I didn't finish until 1800 (or later).


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