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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by top_mast, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. There is a whisper that WEF 1 April the £3.25 TA for a drill night is to be removed. It may not be much for an officer, however its quite a lot of dosh for us on the lower deck. It has been suggested that this is to bring us into line with the the army and air force. If this is the case then, when will the retirement age be extended to 60 to bring us into line with the other two???
    Looks like the start of the rot!!! :(
  2. Is not a whisper it's a gen dit.

    However, over 5's and over 10's are going to be replaced by a straight £21 a day subsistence allowance for any journey that's over five hours.

    You'll need to keep the receipts for audit purposes but I'm sure there'll be plenty of people kicking the arse out of that allowance on their next trip to Pompey/Guz. You can buy a lot of Burger Kings for that.

    Oh yeah, it also includes the cost of ONE alcoholic drink! So you can have a tot too.

    Would still prefer the training allowance though :?
  3. The number of which may well drop off sharply as regionalisation takes hold... sometimes I think there really is someone somewhere planning things.

    And yes, before you all jump in and say "Well actually you still have to go to Pompey to do BSSC so you're completely and utterly wrong you idiot", not everything can be done by units and yes, there will always be exercises etc. to go to.
  4. Rumour and Counter-rumour. As I understand it we will get actuals instead of over 5's to a maximum of £21. So you buy a burger, you get the cost of a burger.
  5. Nothing to stop you bypassing Burger King and going straight to a classy little restaurant and spunking £21 though is there?

    Or just taking the piss and buying seven Whopper meals like something out of 'Supersize Me'.
  6. Yes GCYZ agree with you that you will get the actual cost up to a MAX. of £21 on production of receipts.
    However this has been brought in at the same time as a MAX. home to duty milage of 50miles one way. This may put off a lot of people joining the RNR and it may be the nail in the coffin for existing members.
    Assuming that you travel at a MAX of 25 mph to your unit on a drill night, it means that it will take you only 2 hours so therfore you will not be able to claim the over 5's and milk the system as suggested.
  7. Are you sure about this? I know it used to be 40 miles, but you could get more at the RNSO's discretion - a large chunk of our ship's company probably do come more than 40 miles.
  8. Is there an RNTM or a DIN for this?

  9. Just a wild guess but I guess its got something to do with introduction of JPA.
    Might also explain why I got paid today and not mid-month as usual.
  10. 1. Yes
    2. We always get paid around this date in April, something to do with the end of the finacial year. Always means a long wait until bounty.
  11. April pay always comes at the beginning of the month, for some reason. Makes for a big gap until the next, though that should hopefully include bounty...
  12. I obvioulsy haven´t been paying attention in April for a few years!
    Get used to it - it is also one of the JPA changes.
  13. sorry DM... probably nothing other than cost for early payment. Tis the end of the financial year and Easter leave looming so it looks like early run for payroll before Apr5. Has been like this in previous them enough time to cockup Bounty in May!!!
  14. Got official word that it is going last night. Apparently it should have gone in the early eighties when we started getting paid for drill nights (apparently in those days we were only paid for weekends/ctps!) but someone kept paying it. Good news is we don't have to pay back payments to date! :wink:
  15. Rollocks.

    Whoever wrote the requirements spec for JPA left it out and now it's easier and cheaper to simply abolish it than have whichever overpaid incompetent IT consultancy i/c JPA fix it.

    I expect.
  16. EDS:

  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    And there was me think it was:

  18. And if you work for them:


    or my favourite

  19. Apparently this has returned;


    12. Entitlement to Meals Out Allowance on Drill Nights – CMRTM 26/07 has introduced the entitlement to Meals Out Allowance (MOA) for reservists who travel direct from their place of work to attend their reserve unit on a drill night and purchase a meal on at least two occasions a month. Claims may only be made retrospectively at the end of each month and must be supported by individual receipts and the method of claim is contained in the I-Expense Guide in the JPA folder in the shared area on DII. Additionally, entitlement to MOA is backdated to 12 Feb 07; any individual who has claimed Home to Duty travel from their place of work for a drill night attendance during the period 12 Feb to 28 Nov 07 on at least two occasions in one month are to contact their unit PSI to confirm eligibility to submit a backdated claim.
  20. Okay, so IF we kept receipts from McD's or BK for the last year - come on! Who keeps those receipts for that long anyway?!

    I'm more concerned about the "at least two occasions a month" piece, as I can't always get to the unit more than once a month because of work. Does this mean that I can't claim it?

    How about those units that do in-house food after the parade night. A lot of people skip meals from coming directly from work - does this mean that we now have to start getting receipts for a pie? Can we even do this, as it's not being run as a formal business?

    Sounds like one of those things to cause more problems than not, so they hope that no-one will both to claim for anything and thus save the MoD/RN more money..

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