training aircraft in the interview?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by philcom3, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. I hope i am not wasting peoples time again so i do apologise if its already been asked but i am panicking now.

    I have my interview next Wednesday and i am being asked about my branch knowledge ( i didn't know enough when i had my original one 8 month ago)

    will i be expected to knwo about the training aircraft aswell as the merlin seaking harrier jsf(if ever gets here) and linx? or wont he wish me to know about what the piolets are traind in?

    i only know aout the jetstream( i think i need to cheak on that) for observer trainign other than that i dont know. oh and the tornado for the harrier piolets.

    i am going for AET so i dont kwno i could be put on any of the aircraft, but i realy want to go onto harriers if possible. (that's why i remember the tornado)

    thanks in advance phillcom --
  2. Parlez-vous anglais?
  3. puedes hablar en ingles no?
  4. no hablo en frances
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, so 8 months after the interview, with one week until the next, the problem is now being addressed.

    The advice is to read-up on the training, where it's done, how long it takes, what it involves regarding qualified to sign/maintain, what qualifications are earned, aircraft types, what they do, where they're based, what weapons they carry, which aircraft operate from which ships, what kind of engines they have, etc., - just a general indication that the applicant has a Scooby what their intended job actually entails.

    Best of luck.

  6. PM with any questions
  7. The aircraft used for training pilots before they reach the one they will fly operationally are all maintained by contractors, so you will never touch them, and probably never even see them.

    The Tornado is not a training aircraft for the RN or the RAF, but a few RN pilots have been posted to a tour on Tornado before returning to the RN.

    The only aircraft you need worry about are Harrier, Merlin, Lynx and Sea King. I'm pretty sure that the Jetstreams are also maintained by an outside company.


    though i did think the jetstream was quite defiantly because of how its based at (dont quote me im a cnut for place names) yovilton :S anyway

    info just to confirm
    merlin- couldrose on destroyers frigets ocean
    seaking- yovilton prestwik (and?) couldrose ,hms ocean, comando transports carriers
    linx- yovilton friget destroyers and black cats
    harriers couldrose wittering and the carriers

    is it necessary to know things like horsepower of the engines, like the pegusus the and turbomecks and so on?

    please excuse me with any incorectly spelt place names because i spell them wrogn even with the name in front of me :oops: :oops:
  9. i get the biggest feeling i am wrong with them but i have had differing information from different places so could ninja or super help me please, i looked like aright fool last time because i mistaken names, hence the resit on the branch knowledge part of the interview.

    also because he is only asking me about the branch knowledge(as far as i know plus a more up to date cercumstances section i think) i get the biggest feelings he is going to ask me more questions than he would do in a normal interview.

    i will let you all know in 2 weeks when i am home how it went, wish me luck and please help me. and i have been reading n here for a whole now i do feel much more confident thank you all but there's just conflicting information i need to get correct. haha i have even made lots of notes to take with me on holiday to revise with. (hence the engine horsepower and so on)

  10. i just saw this... thank you !!! i will if i think of more, most are answered but still a personal moral backup helps me id thank you on bended knee,, but that would be gay lol... now i know im gona get the p1ss taken out of me
  11. thanks ninja no i was reading all that time but now i found this site, i am making use more of it now i have the resource, im like a kid who's found the joys of a encyclopaedia that talks.

    so i was just trying to make do with the navy site and there was not enough in depth knowledge for me. i found you guys and its a life saver, oh wait i didn't find this site 2 weeks ago as i said, it was 2 months at least.
  12. Dunno. I mentioned them anyway when he asked about aircraft. The fact I did my work experience in year 11 with these fellows *click* may've helped. :D :D :D

    Everything you will need to know is here *clicky*

    Where does it say Culdrose there?

    The CPO asked me where the training establishments are, so learn that.
    Raleigh-Torpoint, Cornwall; about 2 miles from Plymouth.
    Sultan-Gosport, Hampshire; not far from Portsmouth
    RAF Cottesmore-Rutland
    RNAS Yeovilton- Somerset
    RNAS Culdrose-Cornwall
    HMS Gannet is the one in Prestwick

    For my interview I read every page of the FAA link I gave you, every page on Raleigh, some on Sultan (actually, ), memorised the deployments section of the current Navy News and I passed.

    Happy reading. It's better to be overprepared than underprepared.
  13. Phil

    Have you been reading through Ninja's post in the interview thread in which he explains the structure of the interview?

    Ae you confident now about the training pipeline for AET?
  14. Quote Philcom3 Edit :roll: :roll: i just saw this... thank you !!! i will if i think of more, most are answered but still a personal moral backup helps me id thank you on bended knee,, but that would be gay lol... now i know im gona get the p1ss taken out of me :wink: Thingy is back and will reply at any moment!!!
  15. yep i have and focused on the motivation the fleet knowledge section and current afferes, and a little on current situation he is focusing on branch knowledge because when i took my interview in November i failed that section because i went to the informal afco meeting wantign toi be a n engineering officer, he advised me to go for AET and 3 days later i hade my letter to get to notts for in 2 days time. not enough time for me no matter what i try to try and lern enough about a life careerer. so i am actually thankful for the 6 month he gave me then.

    before you ask; various cercuimstances put this interview of till now.

    oh and soliel you love to read your news don't you your like the RR's own news reporter :) i thank you.
  16. oh no not thingy aghhh
  17. DR zoidburg.. im fcukin jealous !!! i got stuck with crapy age concern and a design and print factory it was [email protected] all around here
  18. Phil

    Have you got the latest Navy News?
  19. he asked me where the airbases and aircraft where based that's why i asked dr z
  20. July yes :/ so its out of date by a month :lol: out the end of October. unless august is out now? if soo im looking this instant :D

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