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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by mick82, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Am curently doing 4 nights a week training with mixed cardio during each night , example 10 mins cross trainer 20 mins interval sprints and jog , 10 mins on a stair master 10 mins rower 10 ins bike . am I wasting my time doing smaall amounts on each and should I just **** them off and do alot more running ?

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    What job ae you training for??

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    I have applied for medicl assistant submariner , ive had to lose alot of weight since march when I first applied . ive got 9 pounds to go for the doctor to sign my medical forms for my application to carry on .
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    thanks stix , im gonna look into fartlec training because I see evryone recomends it on here , ive not heard of it at all but sounds good . am also gonna do more street runs as ive been doing all mine in the gym and hear getting on the roaads is better .
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    Totally agree with you there StixJimboRM,i walk and walk and walk,15/20 kms every day and i can eat and ferkin drink what i want and NEVER put weight on,and of course i am fit with very good staying power when i shag, :wink:
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    I am essence but i seem to attract the ugliest sloppyminge bints on the ferkin planet,(except Mrs NC,shes bootifull) :lol:
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    You reckon it would make a decent difference in a month say, 2-3 times a week?
  9. Can I recommend cycling everywhere? I stopped using the bus and just using my bike to go everywhere that was outside a 15 minute walking distance and it's done wonders for my leg strength and cardio endurance.

    Also apparently it works some muscles which are the opposite to the ones that can cause knee pain due to being unbalanced through running (I dont know if that makes sense)... no doctor here, just been told.

    Good luck!
  10. If you must!! On a serious note i cannot stress enough the importance of varying your training regime and not just running everywhere!! My training used to consist of a 20 miles bike ride and 10 mile run every day aswell as other exercises to cut out the monotomy of it all. Oh and i was/am fcuking essence aswell!!! :wink: 8)

    At the moment my phys is specific to my task at hand which is firstly getting over a medical condition and secondly getting fit for the hills. So i walk carrying my mountaineering rucksack containing a rope, harness, rack of gear, helmet etc for miles. That way i keep my weight down and do low impact phys that doesn't impact on my condition.
  11. If you got to lose the pounds, train hard, eat clean. Set your self some goals, its the little things that add to the big things. Dont starve your self of the ''devils foods e.g KFC etc'' treat your self once in a while and you will get there.

    Good luck
  12. Dig the speedo's out and get down the pool, swimming is one of the best form of exercise that you can do, use's you're whole body and it's low impact.

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