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Hi there, I have my Psychometric test on Tuesday 18th. I've been practising all I think I need to know. The only problem I have at the moment in the physical part of my training is sit-ups. All other exercises I can do well with more than the recommended repetitions, but I have a brick wall with sit-ups. I can do more then the recommended repetitions with my feet supported but if my feet are not supported I'm useless. I'm in good physical shape at the moment (I walk about 8 or 9 miles a day as a postman). My stomach feels quite hard doing sit-ups as if my stomach muscles are preventing me from pulling myself up. I know it sounds daft but that's the best way I can describe it. I used to be able to do them no problem years ago when doing schoolboy boxing. I just feel like I will fail on this aspect unless I can find a way to overcome this obstacle. Anyone have any advice? or is it simply a case of keep trying.
Cheers for any replies.


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to my knowledge, you will probably have somebody holding your feet on the testing day? you don;t have to do any sit ups until the assessment weekend which is the last thing to pass before raleigh


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Just do sit ups to get better at sit ups!

If you do some HIIT it will aid weight loss as I can only presume that's what's stopping you from some an easy exercise.

Try doing sit up variations:
-leg raises
-Russian twists
Listen to AC/DCs "Walk all over you" and do as many situps as you can to that song every night. If I can recall that far back I got to 125 or so. It worked for me and gave me an 8 pack to boot. Now as I approach 50 I'm back down to a 6 pack .. bollox .... age .... grumble ..

Good luck.
Use an edge on the side of your bed, place your feet underneath an edge for support and just haul yourself up and down, if its painful its painful just going have to deal with it. No pain no gain pal.
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Agreed. When I go to bed I'm going to kick the shit out of my bed in my bare feet. That'll really hurt but I reckon I'll gain something from it.
Yeah could gain nice some extra pay each month on incapacity benefits, mind cut me in though since I was your inspiration.
Cheers for the replies people. Just gyming and running now to prepare myself. Probably seem like a boring sod to the young ones when my interests consists of watching 'The world at war', post war movies, oh and dad's army

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Motivational factors work well, perhaps find a target of visual agreeance in the gym and then you know that if you line yourself up right you can sneak a peek every time you come up on a sit up- my housemates motivational speech to me when i was asking how to improve.
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