Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rolling-stone, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. When doing PT at Raleigh, will you be required to wear issued trainers? I think this is the case because any pictures i see, generally recruits are all wearing exactly the same.

    The only reason i ask this is because i had an issue with shin splits and obviously wearing the right trainers greatly reduces the chances of getting them
  2. During Phase 1 you have to use issued trainers. Not your own for PT
  3. Jesus not again. :roll:
  4. You forgot your tampons?

    Thanks tommo, ill just have to hope for the best then as i expect theres no exceptions
  5. It's a recurring question, once in a while we get someone along who can't be arsed to use the search facility asks it.

    Congratulations on being the latest in a long line of people asking bone questions.

    I wonder how many of these matelots complained of shin splints when they were smashing in a little gentle PT?

  6. Deja Vu 2DD???? :D
  7. So what about irons..?
  8. Okay big deal, im sorry to of caused you so much trouble. :roll:

    Also, i wasn't complaining, just asking. Thanks.
  9. Fcuk me, they'd be even worse than Silver Shadows! 8O
  10. Good question, shall we start a thread about them?

    I think Argos has a good selection at the moment but Asda is good if you are on a budget.

    Also does anyone know if I can take my car to Raleigh?
  11. Nowt wrong with Silver Shads.
  12. I heard you could take your car to Raleigh if that helps. I'll PM you with dates for Easter leave because they are TOP TOP SECRET. When you get there make sure you stow it in a slit in the underside of your matress..
  13. Cheers shippers. I've not actually signed up just yet, I'm a little bit worried about the medical, you see I have AIDs, tourettes, aspergers, severe autism, cerebral palsy and one leg. Does anyone know if this is a bar to entry?

    I'm going for Pilot.
  14. As long as your not colour blind pilot is OK, tourettes is a bar to STC though.
  15. So am I but I want to be a commando too...

    Can't help you with some of that the medical stuff but I've heard if you have a letter from a mate, your mum or a tutor saying your Asperger's doesn't cause you a problem you can get in.

    I'm off to take a few recreational drugs, I get them from my brother who's a small time drug dealer. I help him out every now and then when he is busy but I don't think that will be a problem for me.
  16. Fcukery cnutingthorp, I really fancied a tour with the STC branch.

    Do you have any fitness tips? I have a treadmill, but I've also spotted a road near my house that I could run on. Which do you think is more suited to the type of fitness I'll be undertaking at Raleigh?

    Also I am a vegan, does traf galley cater for people like me?
  17. Yeah I met a few dealers while I was inside for murder, most of them were decent enough chaps.....shit that's a don't reckon the fact that I associate with black people will go against my application do you?
  18. My bold, no - they will not serve you when you repeatedly tell them to F*%k off!
  19. Well I fink you are al *****.

    Listen Labrum will tell you that even I with herpes, tour-fcukin-rettes and a wooden leg managed to do recruit training.

    Off to lie down on a piss stained mattress now.

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