Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi all.

    I am due to start phase 1 in November and was wondering what sort of trainers I will need. I was planning on taking 3 pairs; 1 pr for the gym, 1 pr to wear to the gym (so that I can change into my gym ones once I get there), and 1 pr for in the block (to wear to the door until I put my wearing to the gym trainers on). Does this sound about right or will I need more trainers?

    Also, I have heard that the NAAFI will be closed from 2200 hrs until 0700 hrs, is this because of the defence review? If so will this affect my entry at all?

    One last thing, I once saw an inhaler, it was being used by a bloke on the train. I didn't sit near enough to him for it to affect me - should I let them know once I arrive or shall I blag it?

    Thanks all, looking forward to your 'constructive' replies.

    Its a slow news day here at Jimbo towers!
  2. My advice would be to invest in a 4th pair of trainers. Many a recruit has made the 3 trainer error of judgement.

    When I was there I was walking to the NAAFI at 2158hrs when my trainers split ended up going back to the accom to change them (cursing all the way due to my lack of forethought in packing a spare pair in my 6th daysack). Both pairs of my remaining trainers were drying after a monster matelot phys session. By the time I got to the NAAFI the shutters were coming down and I failed to secure my pot noodle. So, think on...
  3. Jimbo strikes again :p

    best take 4 pairs as Labrum suggested. including a pair of those really shiny white lacoste ones for those special trips to plymouth nightscenes so you can look like the chavvy local wildlife and blend in
  4. When the NAAFI is closed you can always go to the church if you are hungry. Apparantly you can eat the candles.
  5. You will be issued with the correct inhaler on arrival.
  6. Best advice is to ignore anything a Careers Advisor or a qualified RN Medical Officer tells you, and ask the bloke sitting at the end of the bar in the pub.

    He knows best.
  7. Of course you can appeal. Just tell them the fragrant chap in the blue shirt down the AFCO lied to you and you thought you were going to Butlins instead of Plymouth. After all Baz's mate's Uncles friend Sandra's son is a world renowned expert on all things

  8. Ok considering you asked me on a good day, im going to help you the best I can.

    Trainers are over rated nowadays, I mean through the rigours of training you will be constantly be in need of new pairs over the training period. May I advise you to get a pair of these.


    Not only these look great but they can take a good amount of punishment as well and save you money for when you really need it.
  9. and don't forget the new Combat Flip Flops. They are standard issue for the Elite Bondi Beach Lifeguard Brigade :)
  10. Is there an app for that ?, sod you CA, im getting an Iphone.
  11. You will find that the only shoes you will really need are Brothel creepers.

    Don't bother with inhalers, just buy a party size butane canister and you will find its a gas.
    DONT SMOKE near it or the gas will turn into a real blast. This is not good as unless you have the correct suitcase with you they wont be able to send whats left of you home. Unless you have a big iron and they are able to flatten you first.
    If the naafi is closed smoke near your canister by the shutter and it will open. Although you won't benefit from this your oppos will.
    Oh and the best phone to take with you is the new Kiosk phone from BT.
    If it fits in your suitcase you have the right size for all eventualities.

    PS If when you pass out and they give you a draft to Afghanistan and don't know what a ship is then I'm afraid you fucked up and joined the army by mistake.
  12. And you need to forget all about that writing stuff. What you should have said was:

  13. Nah mate, but my best mates dad used to be in the RAF Regt and I took his advice and so happy I did.
  14. Wot u need 2 know iz dat if you woz in cadets den u get promoted at raleeygh and u cn tel all th trainers and othr trnees wot 2 do
  15. I wuz a cadet in the cavalry but i ad to giv up as a geezer what pimps orses in the borders took me orse an put it in a place wat orses liv in an sold it for a poni to to a geezer that liks sea orses or even clothes orses or sumat an anyway it wunt get in me bag wat i puts me stuf in innit
  16. it is also a good idea to take a crate or 2 of beer to bond with your room mates once you get some time.
    they love to see that you are all getting to know each other.

    a big sound system, a variety of fancy dress clothing and a suitcase full of your favourite drug is also a good idea as it all goes well with the team bonding, good luck and let me know how long you lasted
  17. Must not forget the jumper that say's 'I Love the RAF'. Surefire way to get noticed and make friends
  18. and keep asking the instructors if they could teach you all how to play soggy biscuit as you are new to the navy so you don't know it yet
  19. .......and Greenie sez "Ask mummy to wrap you up in cottonwoolbuds before you enter'.

    This avoids the risk of breaking the crucible liniment ('cos there's 2p back on the empty bottle, innit?)
  20. Trainers?

    ......Do NOT worry yourself about falling as you change trainers on your journey there.

    This nice brother of JD will always be at hand to rescue you:


    ....His guitar is only two-years-old, too.

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