Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by officer_inland, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Hey, I'm just about to buy some new trainers and saw on one of the threads that up and running is a good place to go to as they assess your running style etc. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any others that are any good? My closest one is in Birmingham and a bit of a pain to get in. Thanks in advance! :)
  2. Although i live not too far from Brum i can't think off hand whether there is a decent running shop in that area. However have a good look on the internet for a reputable shop that can fit your shoes properly and perhaps deal with any gait issues that you might have.

    Best shoes for running IMHO are asics and New balance as they cover a broad spectrum of needs.

    Hope that help
  3. OK thanks guys! I'll have a look now at that website. Unfortunately the only sports shops by me are the likes of JJB and JD sports, so there aren't exactly knowledgable people around to help. Hope to find something soon, my current trainers are about 4 years old and starting to rub my feet and probably not exactly very supportive anymore! Thanks again! :)
  4. ......if you cannot get to Up and Running this is a good site, lots of good advice and they will beat any advertised price plus give you free P&P.
    Have to agree with XRD, my Asics are the biz.
  5. I haven't been doing much running until recently so have avoided the expense but I'm trying to run nearly every day so think it's worth splashing out. Have found a shop in Leicester, which is a bit nearer to me, called sweatshop (thought they used to sell dodgy jumpers!!) so I'm going to give them a go I think. I'll have a look at that site as well ta. It's funny to hear people saying how good asics are, I always remember at school, you had to have nike or similar otherwise, well.... :? Not cos they were better, was just the way...stupid kids! lol.
  6. Been using Asics trainers for endurance events, marathons and general phys for about 20 years and once i started using them i didn't want to use anything else to be fair.

    If your up for a trip to London theres a shop off of Victoria St SW1 called run and become who are the mutts nuts when it comes to giving running and shoe advice.

    Might be worth a trip........

  7. Is that name a reference to the source of the stuff they're selling? :wink:
  8. Sweatshop have got a few stores all over the country and have very good knowledgable staff. They will also assess your running style and ooffer advice etc. They have a stor locater on their website as well.
  9. Yeah, that's how I found the one in Leicester so think I'm going to go in there and see what they say. I'm actually going to london at the start of august, but don't know if i should wait that long with these trainers. Think I'll see what they say at sweatshop (yeah I agree it's a crap name!) and if I think they know what they're talking about then I'll go with them. I haven't really had any problems with my legs or knees before so shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks again! :)
  10. No bother. I definately recommend Run And Become if its still going though mate. They allow you to wear the shoes you wish to purchase and run around the block which is good.

    Good luck
  11. On a serious note for once I cannot plug a shop but from experience I found that New Balance shoes drew my feet painfully. As an experienced distance road runner I've found out by trial and error , that a medium priced pair of trainers with Scholls athletic inserts serve as well as any overpriced hyped up shoe.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. Ended up going to a brilliant independent shop in coventry, totally knew their stuff and have bought some asics. I tried on some New Balance but rubbed on my ankle before I'd even moved so decided against them. Would definitely recommend going to a decent running shop with gait analysis to anyone else who is looking. Next stop, joining the local gym! :)
  13. We have our uses mate. In fact some of us might have even done a bit of running in our time!!! :wink: :wink:
  14. Yeah definately the best shoes on the market. i had a pair or Mizunos for a while which i used for 10K's but they were a pile of **** in comparison.
  15. I tried a pair of Mizunos on and it felt like there was nothing there, no padding at all and flat soles. Hopefully, once I've worn these in, I'll be able to start on beating my 1.5km time! :)
  16. Lol whoops, should have put 1.5 miles!! Talk about being pedantic and all that! ;)
  17. To be honest i don't know what the fuss is about with this 1.5m malarky as anyone with a modicum of fitness can pass it without any fuss. I think the issues lie with pie eaters who don't want to do the phys therefore whinge and moan about having to exert themselves for a few minutes.

    Stick that in your pipes and smoke it!! :twisted:
  18. I ran 80 miles across the south downs in an event when i was 22 in under 17 hours so i feel i might have a bit of experience in these things. :wink:

    I agree Jim its utter bollocks!!
  19. TBH, I'm not worried about completing the run within the time, but it's something to aim for to beat each time. If it makes you guys happy, I can pick another distance to time and try and beat if you like?? :lol:
  20. Never tempt an endurance athlete with such comments or you might fall on your arse!!! :D :wink:

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