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Train to become a builder or plumber


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Hello guys once you are in the service and have a couple of years under your belt is there options to do a building college course or do the navy run there own ones ?

My friend is ex army and managed to get all his trade course done before leaving just wondering this is possible in the mob ???

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Once you meet the eligibility criteria to undergo resettlement courses, having submitted notice to quit or having completed your contract are usually available to service personnel from all three arms of the armed forces. Details here:
Is there no option to do it even if you want to serve the full 20 years ?

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Absolutely but there's no point doing the courses before you are about to leave as the will cease to be current. The courses are aimed at getting you a job, not building your own house whilst you continue to serve but there are Enhancled Learning Credits, available to all which enable individuals to further their level of academic attainment throughout their career.
Join as an ET(ME) and your halfway there with regards to plumbing and electrical work. You'll probably know more than you think when you come to do civvy courses.
Is it just me, or is this a massively bizarre thread?

I wish you'd try and keep up Daps. Here we have a man who wants to be an RN Engineer but is going in as an Aircraft Handler, He wants a Married Quarter whilst the RN trains him to build his own house. I think Wrecks and Sumo have offered to help with the Plumbing and Electrical side ( I may have got than last bit wrong.)
And then after all of this they will promote me to first sea lord seams reasonable right???

Just want to get into property at some point a lot later down the line by paying some one to build it :)

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A lot later down the line, you'll be a Senior Rate. Then you'll spend all of your lunchtime in the bar and consequently, be in no fit state to build anything when you go home.

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