train rage

I try to adopt a stoical approach to the lunacies of life but trains leave me seething and spluttering and I live in hopes of people like Richard Branson meeting a very sticky end.

4 hours this afternoon from Preston to London - what sort of a service is that in this day and age?

Late May Bank Holiday looms and every table on my London to Preston train had a helpful little leaflet on it explaining that there would be severe disruption of services that weekend due to work on the track.

It seems to me the height of cruelty to carry out work on Bank Holiday wekends when those of us who have to travel by public transport might want to take advantage of the break from work to enjoy a short break and visit family and friends.

Every exhorbitantly priced ticket, every train with a leaking or not functioning loo (often more than one), every over active or dysfunctional air conditioning system, every delay, breakdown in catering and every cup of vile tea, the dangerous doors on the new Pendolino trains that trap you in them ... I've stored it up ... the hours of misery spent on trains ...
I'm a tree-hugger and its practically enough to make me want to go by car :cry:

I wish I could say this rant was over ...
You are supposed to Let The Train Take The Strain.

As long as public transport is so bad we will all continue using our cars.
I visit my mom in NE of England twice a year when my sister takes a break. If needed I have the use of my sisters car when there. However it takes me just over 5 hours and costs about £60 return in diesel. A train would cost twice that and as I would need to take a bus at the Northern end would take about 8 hours travel. Going by coach would be about the same as going by car, however getting to the coach pick up from my home is almost impossible. Total travelling time would be well in excess of 12 hours. So guess how am I getting to my moms next time?
slim said:
You are supposed to Let The Train Take The Strain.
thanks Slim - I'll keep repeating that this afternoon mate. Love the NE too and go up by train to Newcastle - always bully my friends there to take me to Lindisfarne - one of my favourite places in the world.

I'll try and think of that :roll:
GR, that is nothing mate.

I recently went to watch an Arsenal game (season ticket holder and all that) and it took me over 4 hours to get from London to Fareham. ;-)

I left Arsenal at 1800 and eventually arrived at Fareham at 2210.
I work on the Railways and i'll admit that they are a national disgrace. All privatisation did was to turn an under funded but fairly well managed and relatively cheap priced single operator into a vastly over funded,highly expensive and massively beuracratic patchwork of dozens of operators.The system is a total disgrace and nothing is done by the private operators to encourage travel on the railways.Its all well and good to advertise cheap fares months in advance but most of us want to travel at relatively short notice,and are prohibited by exhorbitent fares.
Basically the T.O.C's are only interested in first class travel and season ticket holders and the rest of us can well........use our cars!!
As for the new Trains and rolling stock that are much trumpeted by the govt and TOC's, personaly i find the older trains,ie 125 hst's, old mk 1 slam door stock far more comfortable than the new units in service,particulary the Virgin voyagers with their stinking toilets,and at least BR built their trains and locos in this country.The private operators have no obligation to do so and as a result the countrys Train and Loco building industry is nearly extinct.(I have many memories of catching the last train from waterloo to Porstmouth on a sunday night and rocking to sleep in an old mk 1 coach)
The only way forward in my view is to have a National Rail network again with regulated fares and incentives to leave our cars and use the Train,ie cheaper fares,no need to pay to park your car at a train station, and more use of little used branch lines and reopening of old track and stations.
Sadly it'll never happen and the Govt will continue to waste billions a year on dolling out money to private Train operators,it really is a national disgrace!!
On my recent visit to dear old Blighty I had to travel from Leamington Spa to Gatwick by Train. Cost £33 time 2hrs 35 minutes. The trains were not comfortable cleanliness was debatable. I ignored the bogs in case an attempt was made to pull me.

Assuming the M25 was running at half speed I could have driven it in less. I feel sorry for people that have to use them.

In the old days there was an advert which intimated that when viewed from the train, cars seem to be going backwards. Meaning that the train was moving more quickly. As a regular non train user I would like to apologise to those train passengers who:

1. Look out of the window but see the train being overtaken by most cars
2.Cannot see through the windows due to the dirt.
3.Have to stand due to crowded trains and cant see through the other passengers.
4.Arrive at their destination station only to find it costs another £15 for a taxi to their actual destination.
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