Train poetry? Pah! What about Naval poetry??


Lantern Swinger

Desperate times indeed, it seems.

I can alas, only offer a bit of a limerick which is pretty pathetic to say the least, but I am guessing there might be some good offerings to be had from the RR crew!

Clear throat: Ahem!

She was only the Admiral's daughter, but she could harbour a port full of seamen.

If Friggin in the riggin' was read out on each platform, that might keep the punters happy!

Who is going to wear the pink wig for the winner? A bottle of cyber rum up for grabs.
Kurtz said:
BTW Sky vet, etc means et cetera - 'and the rest'. It should ONLY be iterated once...
Not necessarily, et cetera can be repeated for dramatic effect with the authority of poetic licence. And speaking of poetry,

There once was a man from Peru,
Whose limerick stopped at line two.
haha.. thats legendary! BZ Lujon

There once was a Leading Hand
Who spent all his career on land
He got drafted to sea
and he messed in 3C
and that leaves my poem rather bland
There once was a leading Wren
Who preferred ladies to men
She stated that dick made her feel sick
But after pussy she felt good again.
The sexual life of a camel
Is more frustrating than anyone thinks.
For one night, (in a mad fit of passion),
He tried to make love to the Sphinx.

But the Sphinx’s back passage is blocked up,
With the sand and the stones from the Nile.
Which accounts for the camel’s hump back,
And the Sphinx’s inscrutable smile.
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