Trailer/Caravan Hitchlock or Wheel Clamp

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by SJRM_RN, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm after a hitchlock or wheel clamp (10" wheels) for my trailer tent, don't want to pay too much (would rather have one freebie, but you know how it is)

    So, does anyone have one they fancy giving away to me :)

    or failing that, selling to me??

    I am' of course' willing to pay for the postage

  2. StixJ

    If you don't find one through Rum Ration, there's a few for quite low prices on ebay.
  3. Was going to suggest taking off one of the wheels, but in the Midlands that would be a sign that its ok to take what you like.
    On a serious note most areas have a scheme called "Freecycle" run by the local councils. GOOGLE search for your area. You post your wants or wants to get rid of and all are e-mailed to the group. The standard charge is a large bar of chocolate, but this is voluntary. Its a way to reduce wastage, Only problem is you need to get a seperate e-mail account as there tend to be hundreds advertising and you need a quick filter to get rid of the dross. I picked up a Evinrude 30hp outboard motor, all I had to do was collect it
  4. That was the wrong boat you bugger, so thats where my engine went 8O :cr
    I tried to wheelclamp your car at the time, but someone stole the clamp at the time and witnesses said it was a big ugly bugger in cammo with a pipe on his shoulder. :twisted: :twisted:
  5. Sorry about that, but on the positive side am now operational. sort of.
    Do you think Grannys car works on two stroke and has he fuel in the tank? :wink:
  6. We'll black up, meet you at 3.30am at the top of his street. Got a can?
    Mind you I have heard he's so tight he runs on pig sh*te. Or was that he is as .......3.30 then. :oops: 8O :roll:
  7. Secure it to a lampost with a padlock and chain, available from all good hardware stores?
  8. Remind me when I go back to the UK in a weeks time[if no joy] think I have some device in the old shed from my caravan days

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