Traffic Warden with a heart?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Topstop, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. Parked in residents only parking zone near town, giving a Xmas prezzy to a Widow (80+ so no.)

    Looked out of the window and the car was getting looked at by a Traffic Warden and the machine was out, ran out in a panic and explained and he said I had 10 minutes wished me happy Christmas and bimbled off. Decent bloke or what?
  2. Sack him! :santa::rendeer::rendeer::rendeer:
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  3. No wonder this once great country's on its knees...:laughing5:
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  4. did you cross his palm with silver? shame take your ticket like a man
  5. 250px-ARP_Hodges.jpg He wouldn't have let you away with it.The most recent ancestor of the traffic warden...:rofl:
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  6. He'd probably made his quota for the day.

  7. It was only 1145.

  8. He's had a busy morning then!
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  9. Yes, but his quota was 1140!
  10. Give it until after Chrimbo and see what the postman brings ;)
  11. @[email protected] :shock: :-( :sad5: :crying:
  12. Did you flash your jibs? Flutter eyelashes?
  13. Can I borrow yours? :iconbiggrin:
  14. Sure thing, they have got me out of a ticket before- use them wisely!
  15. Tits.

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  16. Was that a response to the question or a comment on the posters?
  17. Works nicely for both thinking about it :p but he asked what jibs were and me answer is those
  18. I was parked in Plymouth Town centre once and I'd over-stayed my ticket time, so I thought "if it works for women...."
    Anyway - I got my penis out and waved it around in the hope that he would not stick something on the windscreen.

    Nope - it don't work for us blokes. Why is that?

    My case comes up in January.
  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seriously, they're not all bad. I remember sitting outside the Tamar pub one summer a good few years ago. Now for those who don't know the area, I should start by pointing out that there is a ****ing great car park off the street allowing access to the shops with no more than a 50-100 metre walk. There are always lots of people who find that too hard though, and park on the double yellows or on the zig-zag lines near the crossing (very dangerous for children or the elderly IMO). ANyway there's some flash motor parked on the zig-zags when a warden comes up. Me and my mates watch him eyeing up the car and noting his indecision start shouting, "Ticket him!" Warden smiles and says I'll give him a few minutes. He does and then some! By which time we had progressed to "Ticket the lazy twat!" Still nothing, after around 10-15 minutes, the lazy ****er comes back and gets away with no more than, "You really shouldn't park here sir." Unbe****inglievable!
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  20. I think I can see the reason your plan failed Bill
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