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Our mess is Ankle length dresses (for the ladies) but shoulders can be uncovered. Like ATG said, check with the Presiding Member or PEC.
Without doubt, best advice is to check with mess pres. Even the term "shoulders covered" is open to interpretation,some see that as only during the meal,strappie dress with separate cardigan-type thingy, that can be removed after the loyal toast ! Check and double check


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I am just back from a trip to the UK, where I had the honour of attending the Flying Fox's Trafalgar Night dinner. It was a superb do! Thank you for having me.

I have nothing to do with the RNR, but was hugely amazed and impressed when the CO gave a resume of the Unit's current manpower 'assistance' to the RN and other personnel deployments. Both my guest (wife failed to attend due to illness) and myself were also impressed by the racks on display - put my LS&GC to shame.

I'd urge anyone within 50 miles of Bristol who has been thinking about going along - to go along!
This year we had, 4 RNR, 1 ex Skipper of Collingwood (and ex Lord Lt of Cambridge), 1 Serving RN Commander, a US Army Sgt and 8 Sea Cadet Instructors at out RNA Trafalgar Night, with members and guests we had 57.

We were lucky as the chap that owned the venue left under a cloud two weeks before and never left a handover!!! The new people were great and agreed to honour everything. There was however an ex Radio 1 DJ's family supposed to have a party the same night but we gazumped them.
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