Trafalgar Night Dinner

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by BusterQuin, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have a link where I can find the correct running order and speeches for a Traf night dinner for a mate from the RBL Riders Branch who is organising a do in his local legion
  2. One day i'm going to get me arse into gear and book a place at The Hero in Burnham Thorpe for Trafalgar Night!
  3. Then you can raise a toast to Captain Lucas who took on two 100 gun three-deckers with his single 74 gun and fought them to a standstill :thumright:

  4. This Trafalgar night dinner skylark. Did'nt it used to be a Bun House only job? Are the JR's having them as well now?
    Remember having a SR's cocktail party on Revenge but as I was only a PO had to have an invite to my own mess, evidently only Chiefs were allowed them
  5. I shall happily do so, sat in Horatios own wooden chair!
  6. Traf night is still a wardrobe night and Pickle night is for the SR's.
  7. Enjoyed a few pickle nights in my time - great fun. More recently am getting to see it from the Wardrobe perspective.

    Did Traf 200 ashore in large shoreside mess; did last year in the sandpit and will be at sea this year - three completely different scenarios. Still managed two good nights and looking forward to the third!


  8. Dunno if this is any help but maybe a start
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    re Hobbit's lead, the privilege of drinking the Queen's health seated was given to the Royal Navy by King William IV, allegedly after he banged his head on a deckhead beam. (K.W.IV was less successful in attempting to get the RN to ban 'that detestable word b.gger').

    A similar privilege has, I believe, been given by the monarch of the day, over time, to some army regiments.

    It has NOT been given to fantasist odds and sods who read about it on the internet.
  10. Unless your lucky enough to be one of the RN contingent at JSSU(Cyprus) where they have Trafalgar Night (historically there were no Naval Officers on the base however, they're are now two I think). A super night it is too.
  11. Some years ago there was an RNA group in Darwin although it didn't last very long . However , during its short life a Trafalgar Dinner was arranged with the local RAN base . It was my first experience of this and very pleasant to . There is a set routine but additions are made such as a slide show related to Nelson and Trafalgar on this occasion .
    I liked the passing round of the rum , port and sherry as the decanters are not allowed to leave the surface of the table . Regardless of anything else the intense feeling on such an occasion at least to me was beyond words , couldn't even try to explain it . Imagine such an experience actually aboard HMS VIctory . Incidently , is the event held on HMS Victory every year or just special occasions ?

    Still on the Trafalgar/Nelson subject , I reckon that despite no longer issuing the tot perhaps the tradition could be upheld just once a year on Trafalgar Day . British tradition seems to be disappearing so quickly maybe this is one that could be maintained. M and M of course where possible but for just that day to toast the Admiral and keep the memory alive .

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  12. Chaz,

    It was the same when I was over in Norway at HQ North. It was always a Trafalgar Night with all of the services and some Norwegians attending. Was a good night as well and I remember getting a Norwegian Admiral very drunk on port during said evening, much to his wifes disgust. ;-)
  13. I know Pickle Nights are held annually aboard the Victory and I was very fortunate to attend one as a guest of the Chief QM one year and it was a cracking evening. Where better to celebrate the great victory eh?
  14. The privilege of drinking the 'Loyal Toast' while seated is properly restricted to ships and establishments in commission. Note also that the toast to 'The Immortal Memory' is meant to be drunk in reverent silence, i.e. the proposer's words should not be repeated. Regrettably, this custom is ignored more often than it is observed nowadays.
  15. Good effort Andy; vous sont tres gentile mon ami. His full name was Captain Jean-Jacques Etienne Lucas and his ship was the Redoubtable :bball:


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