Trafalgar (moved)

The Royal Navy’s most important anniversary was marked for the 206th year by a ceremony on HMS Victory today, 21st October 2011 at 8.45 am.



I may be wrong but IIRC the OP did make his post on Traf. Day itself.

Perhaps it picked up the (new/incorrect) DTG now showing when it was retitled & moved to the Gash Barge? (For whatever reason our Mods, in their unfailing and infinite wisdom, decreed.)
Do you know, kids these days have absolutely no clue about their own history: when I wished my class a happy Trafalgar Day they had no idea what I was on about and most had never even heard of the battle (but then, I do teach in a Spanish school :laughing2: ).

(Evil bugger that I am, I celebrate Gibraltar Day on 10 September, too)
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