Trafalgar medal goes under the hammer

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. My ancestor was awarded one and was at Nel,s funeral, wonder if the family still has it in Ireland.
  2. I dont think Nel Gwyn was Irish, maybe you're thinking of Molly Malone
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  3. Another one is going under the hammer...Lot 96Naval General Service Medal 1793 -1840 with three clasps for Thomas Durnell private of the Royal Marines with clasps for Java, Basque Roads, and Trafalgar. Naming impressed. During the battle of Trafalgar Durnell was onboard The Temeraire 98 gun, second ship in Nelson's column behind the Victory. The Temeraire under the command of Captain Eliab Harvey was the first ship to break through the enemy lines during the battle. She was subject to heavy fighting with six ships before being trapped between two enemy ships Redoutable and Fougueux whilst trying to defend the Victory. After heavy fighting with small arms and grenade the crew of The Temeraire succeeded in boarding both ships eventually forcing the enemy to surrender. Following this action both the Victory and Temeraire engaged the Dumanoir and Formidable during the final stages of the battle. Following 1805 Durnell was onboard the Illustrious during the Battle of Basque Roads in 1809 and the Invasion of Java 1811. He died in Greenwich Hospital 7th May 1853.
    Sale Date: 20 February 2013
    Estimate: £12,000.00 - £16,000.00. Peter Wilson Nantwich
  4. Some very interesting information contained in the posts above, wooden ships and iron men.
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  5. Hence the fighting Temeraire, nice one scouse
  6. Any one want me to bid for them????? Lol
  7. Shame if they left the country
  8. image.jpg Under the hammer !!!
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  9. Sold...A NAVY medal awarded to a Royal Marine who fought aboard the famous Fighting Temeraire at the Battle of Trafalgar sold for £13,500 in Nantwich.

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