Trafalgar Day

Discussion in 'History' started by brigham600, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Happy Trafalgar Day to all and lets celebrate another glorious victory over the rotten French.
  2. Re: Traflagar Day

    The impact of the day will be lost on some people.
    I was recently in Trafalgar Sq with my 20 something year old niece. She had absolutely no idea of the relevance of Nelson or why indeed he was on top of the column.
    A product of our modern, learning in modules, education system? It would follow that if most people of her age are in the same state of ignorance, that a lot of people haven't a clue.
    By the way she isn't thick and is presently studying to be a doctor.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Traflagar Day

    Also close to 250th anniversary of Quiberon which one historian has described as 'the Trafalgar of the Seven Year's War', and of the capture of Quebec from J Frog after the RN buoyed the channel by night with muffled oars so that Saunders could land Wolfe by his famous goat track. And Lagos which makes up the 'Wonderful Year' we march to. NB no celebration or marking of any of this by our Govt.
  4. Re: Traflagar Day

    A happy Trafalgar day everyone.

    I have a portrait of Lord Nelson as my pc desktop background today, and a Union flag fixed above my desk in an open plan office. So, anybody passing by who displays any ignorance is going to be put firmly “in the Rembrandtâ€. :wink:
  5. Re: Traflagar Day

    The weather in the area today would be just about an exact replica of the storm that followed the battle. Someone up there must be in the know!
  6. Re: Traflagar Day

    AL1. The impact of the day will be lost on most people.

    And a Happy Trafalgar Day to all. I shall raise a toast to Nelson this evening with my dwindling supply of Pussers Rum. :D
  7. Re: Traflagar Day

    No rum in the house so brandy will have to do! It's a normal day lost on the majority in here (tri-service, you see) but we'll be making up for it on Friday :)
  8. Re: Traflagar Day

    You'll be please to know then that mini willow has gone to school with project on the battle of Trafalgar she asked to do over the weekend.

    Oh and Sainsburys has a bottle of Crofts Platinum Reserve Port for £6.40 and a half priced Rum to go with it, may I apologies now for anything I may post tonight in my slightly merry state?
  9. Re: Traflagar Day

    Mind you neithher have previous government done that much to celebrate those event either.
  10. Re: Traflagar Day

    God bless Lord Nelson.

    Up spirits and standfast the Holy ghost :D
  11. Re: Traflagar Day

    Happy Trafalgar Day you woolly pully wearing blue-rinse homos.

    I'm really just after contact details and the telephone numbers for sussex2's neice so I thought I'd talk nice to endear myself to you all.
  12. Re: Traflagar Day

    I have my 8 year old grand daughter staying with us at the moment, along with my daughter and last night I mentioned that 'today' is Trafalgar Day and she asked me "Whats that Grand Dad?"

    After a few minutes of explaination there is at least one youngster who now understands what 21st October and Lord Nelson are all about.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Traflagar Day

    No, Maxi, but it hasn't been the 250th anniversary of 1759 before. Quiberon was (perhaps) the RN's most outstanding feat of seamanship, driving J Frog ashore to be burnt, or up a river where 3 Fr ships broke their backs fleeing over the bar (but I'm sure RRs will come up with others).
  14. Re: Traflagar Day

    Nor did they rember the 200th if I remeber correctly. I think the reality that there are very few of the great battles be they on sea or land that stir the national memory, and perhaps that is in reality right. After all many criticise us Scots for harping back to past glories particularly with reference to England, so perhaps rubbing the froggies noses in it again is perhaps past it's sell by date.

    As an aside a company I was working for was in the process of doing a deal with a Frog Company in Nice (good jolies out to see them) and before the grand signing my boss nwas taking their boss and corporate lawyer out to dinner in London and as they went round Trafalgar Square my boss pointed out Nelson's Column, and quick as a flash the lawyer came back with 'Nelson who, Nelson Piquet?'
  15. Re: Traflagar Day

    I'd be glad to supply you with her number, and I feel her six foot six bruiser of a Mancunian husband would be pleased to make your aquaintance as well :twisted:
  16. Re: Traflagar Day

    I raise a mug of hot manuka honey and lime to the great man's memory.
  17. Re: Traflagar Day

    Funnily enough, going to a Traf Night at a large Army mess tonight, so some do appreciate the occasion!
  18. Re: Traflagar Day

    A 'pongo' who had three great years, mainly afloat, with the Royal Navy, salutes the Immortal Memory of Lord Nelson and his men on this day in 1805.

    God Save The Queen.
  19. Re: Traflagar Day

    Just reminded all the Ex Crabs here that the only things flying during Trafalgar was Flags and cannon balls. Did bring in some Rum truffles. Restricted to one each, bit strong for them. Ah Bless!!!
  20. Re: Traflagar Day

    Dammit! Back to attempting the nirvana that is auto-fellatio then.

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