Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SILVER_FOX, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Regrettably for the first time, this year I won't be in a position to mark this fine anniversary. No mess dinner or pint in the pub with liked minded persons. :(

    The prospect of a miserable Oct 21st got me wondering what everyone else would be doing to mark the occasions? Usual round of mess dinners or something a little more unusual?

  2. Funnily enough we were chatting at work during the night [night shift] , none of them knew what 21st of October stood for in reguards to this country , got onto the subject because the girls were discussing names for babies , I was just earwigging [the only bloke there] , some of the names they were coming up with were mind boggling , so I chipped in & asked if any of them knew what Nelsons daughter was called (Horatia) , was'nt realy surprised that they never knew that , I quite like that name , but probably would'nt fit in St Budeaux where I live ,
    so sorry I have strayed off a little bit , so back to the original thread , I will be having a few sherberts in the workies & a tot to celebrate , :lol: :lol: :D
  3. Traf Night is three days before a major professional exam, so I will be having a quiet night in with my notes and question books.

    What fun.
  4. Enjoy & good luck with the exam , I have just finished a year long course at the hospital so can relax for a little while , start the next one in march , can't believe the paper work involved , so bloody repetitive , legislation legislation legislation , anyway good luck "drwibble", 8)
  5. I had the opportunity to attend a Trafalgar Day dinner in an RAN setting and was impressed by the detail related to the famous occasion. Certainly a very emotional experience and a reminder that being a part of the service based on such tradition is a privilige not to be taken lightly. My favourite (what I believe is a) Nelsonian toast is " absent friends" as unfortunately I now have a few and this presents a great time to think of such things. It would be wonderful to be in a position to attend these dinners on a regular basis but on the day my thoughts and memories will have to suffice,

    Absent friends
  6. Are unit always has a mess dinner, but because it's organised by my mortal enemy organizes it I never get invited , She always writes individual letter instead of a sign up sheet for fear I might sneak in.( same as christmas, burns and just about every other do ( I'm sure there's a discrimination or bulling issue there!) Did get an invite one year from one of the other members of the unit, didn't go , but she obviously got wind of the invite as the next do it clearly stated only partners or family members can be invited!

    SO I will spend my 21st of Octobers crying in my room over the injustice of it all...................well no I spend it at my local old farts pub run by an ex submariner drinking everyone elses free tots of rum!
  7. What a shame , "womps" , fxxk em all , not worth the hassle , enjoy your tots
  8. Why is she your mortal enemy then Womps? :roll:

  9. How childish of her. Incidentally aside from saying it's life in a blue suit... yes, it's a classic example of bullying. Have you kept a record all incidents involving her? The thing is you need proof. I suggest you raise this matter on the SCC forum too and in particular PM Rincey (your dream bloke, surely - hasn't got (curly) hair like the one on your website though :lol: ) who will be able to offer you sound advice from a man of experience.

    As she sounds like the classic bully, she probably dislikes you because you are what she would like to be!

    Keep us posted Womps. Incidentally, you look gorgeous! :D

  10. Bottle of Vintage Port from my extensive collection. Raising a glass to the immortal memory
  11. Might have a tot of Nelsons Blood!or maybe a beer in his local pub that still stands in Burnham Thorpe!Who knows,i may sit in the very seat he placed his bum on!(they re still there,not all of them though)
  12. I shall mark the occassion by drinking a glass of Port Ellen malt to the great man.
  13. Must agree there Steve , Womps does look gorgeous , :D
  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Ooooo lets see. Yep Defence Watches. 2000-0400 I believe. Never mind. I shall raise a brew to the imortal memory and wait until our return to shore. I could email the French LO on the Death Star and ask him, if that would help at all.
  15. Best not to email the Frenchie on this day of all days; you wouldn't want to be accused of offending him ... would you? :roll:

    On the other hand ... maybe we should all email someone French and .... ? Hmm - endless possibilities! :wink: :lol:

  16. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    At one Traf Night dinner in the Death star,The French exchange freddy replied on behalf of the Frenchm - very amusing - was exactly in the right spirit - claimed that it was unfair that we had attacked ona weekend as they were all on their click click beds and preparing for the Flight Deck BBQ.
  17. If i could find a Frenchie to offend in my village then i would do my utmost to offend him.

    I always like the toast " a willing foe and searoom"

  18. because I had the cheek to come into the unit and show some enthusiasum, do my IM course with in a week of joining and get a higher mark that her. Then get a glowing report from ADO which included the words, a really credit to the corp, she should be given every encoragment as she will go far and deserves to.

    Her being a women of a certain age, decided to get an attack of the green eyed monster and has tried to make my life a misery every since by spreading shit about me. ( see my blog at bebo for more details!)

    It really doesn't bother me as much as I rant about it, women like her are in my opion just a bit sad, living their lifes through their kids, I pray to god I don't end up like her!

    Anyway sorry to highjack what was meant to be a post about Nelson,


    Excuse spelling college computers don't have internet explorer spell check!
  19. Can't beat last year.

    Took part in a service at sea, very close to the site of the battle on the 200th anniversary!!!

    Very moving.
  20. Got one in the building here - trouble is, she is quite gorgeous !!

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