As the latest HMS RALEIGH intake start their exciting RN careers today, Sunday 21st Oct 2018, it's worth pausing to recall other events of that significant date:

Whilst those gold-striped higher RN echelons aboard HMS VICTORY were preparing for the official annual commemorative service the 20,000 participants of Portsmouth's Great South Run whizzed passed her dry dock in a colourful range of rigs 'n daps on what was a beautiful sunny and wind-free morning. (Unlike TDay 2017 which was wet. windy, miserable & nasty!)

Today's 10-mile route included the usual whistle-stop tour of this city's ancient and modern iconic landmarks. TV Channel 5 covered the event well yet still failed to focus on BOOTWU's No.2 son, a first timer at this race, who (at 1hr 29sec) was placed around 5 thousandth of the 20k starters. (Surprisingly the average age of the runners was 41 so BZ to our younker for his quite respectable effort for a 50 yr old.)

Covered here:

Moi? Incapacty prevented this ancient c/s from recovering from what would have been a Traf Night invite at RNA E Cyprus ...but I did manage to limp around the corner to cheer & view today's GSR spectacle at what some of our PSOFs might recall as "The Wheelbarrow" then back homers for a wee tot raised & downed for the Immortal Memory...
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