Trafalgar class to be axed!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Hearing on the news last night, the MoD have decided to axed the almighty T boats ( Call them Tigger since they bounced off the sea bed). I aven't kept up with the UK news for a while but this is what I know from when I was serving, please correct me and before you start, I think this is publci domain any how;

    Ok we still have the S and the V boats. Not too sure how the RN is gonna swing this but we still have enough subs to operate, guess they are cutting back on fuel, maintenance etc. I Know the T's have been in and out of dry dock a few times, how ever, they have also been bouncing off iceburgs and the sea bed more than a good few times over the past few years :wink: Don't worry though, they announced the T's decommission but they will still be in service, my guessing until 2019. It takes along time to weed out our RN's ships and boats!

    But keep in mind that the RN is about to launch the Astute (SSN), Which if I remember is to replace the Swiftsure class. The Astute class weapons load will be alot higher and should stand at 50% greater than T boats (Trafalger) Class boats.This should include ( again if I am correct) a number of weapons,Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk missiles etc

    If I am correct, the below sonar is already active on 4 of the T boats;

    The Asute class will be fitted with the 2076 sonar, both passive and active operations or another way, search and attack :wink: Also towed arrays.

    Countermeasures systems will include Electronic Support Measures obv. decoys (ESM). For the ESM system this will bring onboard the UAP(4). UAP(4) has two passive/active antenna arrays which are mounted on the two non-hull masts.

    The Asutes are amodern and update version boat and therefore the RN won'/t be losing anything by axing the T boat but gaining.

    And breath.....................................haven't talked about a sub like that since I was a navy lass.

    Edited due to spelling, think I am dyslexic or however it is spelt :wink:
  2. And probably never found :wink:.
    I was under the impression that sound rooms on skimmers were left on auto just to give the impression that somone was trying to find a boat.
  3. I did I mention that the weapons and eqpt were new to subs? Nope and of course I know they are already in use withe the T boats, the Asute class is basically an upgrade tgo the T boats. However I must add that may not be updated with the new aspects and if I am wrong please correct me.
  4. I'd suggest you're very confused. There is no intent to scrap the T boats in their entirety. They will start to decomission in about 3 years, but the last will cling on till the end of the next decade or beyond.
  5. Jim I did say;

    Don't worry though, they announced the T's decommission but they will still be in service, my guessing until 2019

    However this was not portrayed in the news but only that they were axing them.
  6. Ah, but this lot say much, but mean the opposite....

    Remember he (B or B) will support something / one and then....pfffft...gone :!:
  7. Jenny I was infact wrong hence why I edited my post but you got there first. After I re read your post I realised you meant the below sonar not the sonar below. :roll:.
    "New passive contact bearing 265 faint whine on the bearing, slight graunching sound, 2 shafts 5 blades demon, revs 98 poss type 23."
    "2050 tx watcher" lfm ramp down poss search mode"
    "Roger sound room, nothing to worry about then"

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