Trafalgar ancestor

One of my ancestors, a James Dalton of Manchester, fought as a ship's boy (volunteer) on HMS Mars at Trafalgar. The next I find of him is in the Lancashire Lunatic Asylum in 1841, described as a 'patient; sailor'.

Does anyone have any idea how to find out what he did in the interim period? Do ships muster rolls exist for all ships in the Napoleonic period? Is he likely to have joined the Merchant Navy once Mars was paid off?

The Muster Rolls for HMS MARS show Ian Dalton, born Manchesster, as present at Trafalgar aged 12, in the rank of BOY (Volunteer). The reference is ADM 36/16262. To find his subsequent service, it would be best found by going to the National Archive web site, and clicking on the Royal Navy Records of Seaman 1665-1853 and following the advice given there. The only way to do this would be to go the the NA in person, they won't do it for you, and hiring a researcher could prove expensive. Good Luck !!

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