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Trafalgar 200 Medal


Does anyine know if there is a medal available for those who worked on Trafalgar 200. My friend hosted a foreign admiral for 1 day and he has got one with a red and white ribbon and bronze medal. Looks pretty official. He says he is entitled to it but i havent heard anything and i workd at the project for 6 months!!!

Anyone know????


Lantern Swinger
Total bollocks! No medal, your mate is either bullshitting or is wearing a medal to which he is not entitled. Ask him what medal it is, and whether he would like to speak to the Honours and Awards Office about his entitlements....sounds like a WALT tosser....


Lantern Swinger
Just PM me his name, I'll let you know next week.....not averse to chronic misuse of the DPA or FOI guidelines when it suits my own purposes.....


Cheers for all the responses. JUst confirmed what i thought but it did look pretty official in a nice box with a crown on it - although not the kind our medals usually come in


Hells teeth we are Brits not Yanks who get a gong for downing a bottle of Pepsi Cola and a f.....g big tub of ice cream.


I believe what is being referredt o is the Trafalgar 200 Comemorative coin that was presented to all those who took part. This is a large gold coin in a blue box, I know because I got one. I did hear rumour of a medal that was commemorative but not to be worn, but never saw it. It was advertised I believe in Navy News if I remember rightly.


A medal was struck but only for those who participated, you had to pay for it mind, it should have been free as a momento.SCAN0097.JPG SCAN0100.JPG
I was involved and part of the project which delivered a lot of "ordnance", I'm pretty sure I received "incoming" on the beach at Southsea (from some of those nasty Tall Ships, with chaps with muskets and the like) as well - still have nightmares now I tell you. If I've been seen of for some more bling I'll be very disappointed:mad:


War Hero
I don't know about a Trafalgar 200 medal, but the thread resurrection medal has a winner.

Those who were there in 1805 got a medal. That should be enough.


War Hero
Going by the latest rule change with regard those eligible for the South Atlantic medal, I'm surprised they haven't broadened the rules for Trafalgar, from 1805 to at least half-past six.
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