Tradition holding us back?

In my opinion a lot of the reason for the corps being so undermanned is that it is caught up in pointless and outdated traditions, that have no bearing on a soildiers life outside of Lympstone. The Marines aren't the only ones guilty of this. The parras are equally as stubborn in their attitude to move with the times.

Now if you look at the ethos and philosophy of a regiment like the rifles who take the attitude ... "do everything that is nececary and nothing that is not" ... that is the correct attitude. It is efficient, sensible and cost effective. And a reason why it is the largest and best infantry regiment in the forces ... as opposed to RM and parras who struggle for recruits.

Now why would an asspiring recruit want to put himself through all the pain of CTCRM or P Coy if he gets the exact same pay as a rifleman in a better, more forward thinking regiment where life is easier and u aren't expected to do pointless things?

For example, why do the PTI sessions in the corps look like a homosexual concvention? Why do the PTIs in the corps insist on that gay as frig double marking time and silly aerobics excercises invented in the 1940s? Why are recruits still told to do sit ups to strengthen their abs when it is now proven by modern sport science that crunches and reverse crunches are more effective and don't lead to a bad back? Why are recruits taught silly unarmed combat techniques they will never need to use? Why are they sent around things like the tarzan assault course? Injuring (and often ending the career of) many pottentially excelent solders each year? Is there ever going to be a tarzan assault course in Iraq? No! Is it necesary? No!

So is it not time to do away with these silly ways? Ways that are no longer necesary but that are simply continued because "that's how it's always been", and start taking the attitude of The Rifles and "do everything that is necesary and nothing that is not"?!?!?!
Er if you consider being the best on my PRMC by a mile to be "not good enough" then yeah lol. Anyway The Rifles is better innit
If a WW3 would happen, then CQB will be needed with the fact the chinese, thais and japanese (plus other countries) are learnt a lot of serious martial arts so when it comes to unarmed combat we will probably lose out on that one!! maybe the ghurkas may stand a chance with that though.
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