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hi all

I am new to the site, i just want a bit of advice.. when i put the application to join the RN I was pretty sure on what i wanted to do for a trade (MW mine warfare spec.), but now i am not so sure... any help on this would be great.
ET (WE), ET (ME) or AET will give you the best "trade" qualifications that can be used outside. (not much call for Muppets (as MW are known) outside)
so going with the other trades mentioned, ET (WE), ET (ME) and AET, can you give me some more info like what you do?, were can you go? what do you play with? whats a typical day? whats trade training like?


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don't worry about the training, the RN has some of the best facilities and instructors in the world, for whatever trade or job you choose, so you will have the best chance to get through it and do well.

My day as an Aircraft engineer is on one of the other newbie's pages so just fish a little and you'll soon find it.

Basically you need to find something that suits you in your intellegence and interests, or it's going to be a long 4 years to get out. Don't be co-erced into choosing a job, just because it's what the Navy really need at the moment. Not saying it still happens, but it used to, and nearly did to me. If you're bright enough, you should perhaps be thinking about Engineering or Medical branches because you'll maybe find them more of a challenge and will be better accredited for the transition back into a civvy. If in doubt -ask, what will this benefit me for Civvy life? What will this enable me to do after i leave the Navy? If they can't find the answers, or you're not happy with them, bin it and choose something that you are happy with.

As an alternative, join a branch that you like the sound of, and if you want quals for Civvy life, go to night school or the Open Uni or something. Lots of Matelots do, and the RN will help with the cost.

Hpoe this helps. GB


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Do what YOU want to do, not necessarily what the Recruiting Office TELL you what to do. They have quotas to fill and, despite what they say, are not always acting in your best interests.

Once you're in the RN, one of the best things is that, even if you don't like what you're doing, there are oppotunities to transfer to a more suitable Branch [I feel some mpositive recruiting coming on!]

And despite the job you finally choose, no matter what badge you're wearing, you'll learn far more important skills that no college of university in civvy street will teach you.
I need to go back and have another chat. i have thought about this all weekend and i still have a few more questions to ask. i have decided to change my trade option but still not sure which one (ET (WE) or ET(ME) )...
l so i know that i will only be able to apply for that trade if i get the right score on my entry test ( unless i am wrong please correct me on this if I am)..
which is starting to get me a bit worried... it has been a long time since i did maths and mechanics.. i have been practicing on the prep papers though so I shouldn't be too bad.

what do you suggest?


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As I said you'll have to decide on the job which suits you best. When I joined I was a source branch sonar rate. I loved Sonar and Seamanship but the RN, in their infinite wisdom, merged the Ops and WE branches together, thus creating the Warfare Branch. Therefore after a few weeks rudimentary training operators suddenly became maintainers - a dangerous prospect, in my opinion!

Now the ET Branch has been created, which is source branches but by another name, as far as I can tell. However I think it is for the better; the WE and ME guys are just doing engineering; the dabbers are dabbering; the rest are doing what they want.

If you are determined to become an ET (and a lot of mechanical practices and training is univeral) you'll have to decide whether you want to work with electronic or mechanical equipment. Do you want to become an ME and spend all day in a hot, oily engine room, or a WE and spend all day in bed [only joking...!]

If you have the opportunity perhaps go to another Careers Advisor, or Careers Office, to get an alternative point of view. And if you do join up and decide that it's not for you, you can always leave before the end of your training.
Hi, i started out wanting to be in Warfare branch, but i changed my mind to ET (ME) at the last minute . I'd overlooked the trade, and i realised it was exactly what i wanted! I'd been too much like a kid in a sweet shop when i was the the AFCO and was impressed with all the big weapons!

What really swayed it for me was that marine engineering give a more solid understanding of other engineering type jobs on Civvy Street. I don't know how i'm going to get on in the Navy, or if i'll want to stay or come out after a few years. So i need that reassurance that i'll be coming out with some good skills to show off to other employers.

Although, you must do what you want. Simple as it sounds, there are other things you need to consider (want lots of sea time? Trade?), but ultimately you are going to be unhappy if you're only going to wish you were a Warfare Specialist. Think carefully- my AFCO recruiters were patient and understanding with me and all my changes.
thanx for the reply's, i am hopefully going to my AFCO on monday as long as work lets me have the day off! its the only problem haveing a full time job, you have to take leave to go anywere but i know its worth it in the long run.

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