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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. What is the Trades Description Act?

    The Trades Description is an act which was established to protect the rights of consumers, and to state requirements to businesses. The act was granted by the United Kingdom Parliament in 1968. At the time, this was a major step toward the protection and rights of consumers. In simple terms the act is one which prevents any products or services being sold on the basis of misleading information. Any false claims or information provided leaves those supplying the information liable to punishment.
    The main points of this act stat:

    •Products must be sold as described
    •Products must be of satisfactory quality
    •Products must be fit for purpose as described
    It must be noted that this act no longer covers buildings or land, the new act from 1991, Property Misdecriptions Act, now covers these claims.

    Read more about faulty-product by - Personal Injury, Accidents, Finance and other claims

    - Trade Descriptions Act |

    Right thats it then clauses 2 and 3 are the relevant ones for me. Fit for purpose, and satisfactory quality.
    Wife goes back tomorrow. :-D
    I wonder if I can get compensation from the mother in law?
  2. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am afraid that if the 'goods' have been used to a point that they no longer resemble the original item then you have no come-back in law.
  3. Yeah but you have to try, the funs in the skank.
    Admittedly she has had a fair bit of use, but she's is a tad rebellious and tends to try for her own way.

    Read that as down right stroppy and always gets her own way. Its like trying to get one over on you're DO, it is fun, especially when (if) it works.:-D

    I can however remember with a smile (now) some of my more epic fails.
  4. You have failed to make clear whether the goods were new or second hand at the time you took over ownership.Then there is the "Till death us do part" contract that has your name on the bottom which I believe contains a "nil returns" clause.My reading of the situation is that although you now feel you've bought a pig in a poke it is very much a case of buyer beware when acquiring wives and unless you can find someone willing to swap you are stuck with what you have.
  5. Goods usually can't be returned if opened or soiled.
    Is she past her used by date?
  6. A pig for a poke?
    Fuckin hell thats a bit harsh, she ain't big and don't eat much. I didn't just buy her to poke her either, I let her do the washing up and the laundry.
    I just thought I could get some money back, I didn't really want to scrap her.
  7. I have to be careful here she's about and unfortunately can read.
    She still gives good service but I fancy a new model as well.
    She had her hair done in a bob and said she felt like a teenager again.
    When I said so do I, for one minute I thought she was reverting to commando, that steely eyed look that freezes bank accounts.:-D
  8. Will she pass an MOT?
  9. Maybe in Spain, the sunshine and heat warms her old bones a bit.
    The rust sets in, in Skegness.
  10. Well if you can't give her a squirt with some oil to help the rusty issues, I'd take her to the scrap heap aka BHS. Leave her in the ladies underwear section and do a runner.
    It's for the best old chap.
  11. No see lads your all getting this wrong.
    It ain't whats wrong with her in respect that she lacks anything.
    No its the unexpected extras like nagging, non compliance to lawful comands, etc.
  12. Probably moans and mutters and makes your ears bleed because she's probably needing a good long and hard service .

  13. No thats me.:-|
  14. What!!! Now you need a "hard service" up your shitter too? Christ, what has this site developed into??? ...

    Still reckon you could leave her in BHS. By the time she has finished nagging you about the poor quality of the elastic in Philip Green's under garments you would have at least 45 mins march on her.
  15. She's 47 I'm 60 and perforated. I tried running away once left the front door at 8am and she caught me diner time at the end of the drive. The house end.
    I legged it to York once but Stirling phoned her and groused me up. The ambulance arrived twenty mins later.
    I do hate basket weaving.
    I've never had it up my shitter and will never have it again.
  16. You sure, Steve? He told me 'twas the famous Glen Haddock that you lot were OD'ing on.......

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