Tracking Grandpa's Naval history!


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Below is what I have posted in the Naval history section, Janner is about to pull whats left of his hair out over me bugging him! I could use all the help I could get with this little project, so peeps you lot are the next best thing!!!

Actual thread

Some of you may know by now that I am trying to trace down some of my families military lifes. I fell onto this subject because I thought it is actually interesting. God bless my granpa parents, they both died within 3 weeks of each other, either side of 2001/02. I remember as a little girl, the 'uncle Albert' style stories and as a young adult, I miss this from him. He was very proud the day I announced I was joining the RN but the sadness is he was in a nursing home along with my Grandma, so they never got to see the start of my career but my granpa was so happy! We buried him with an old white ensign that he says he was given from his first ship but being a Jock, think he actually half inched it!

I have my grandpa's certificate of service from 1934; I am a little unsure of what some of the certain meanings are. Take this for an example;

Awarded WS9 (6) from 3rd sept 1945

I also thought this may have been some interest, for the older generation of RR. The signatures on his service record belong to the following C.O.'s;

S.H. Freybeng
J. Jacobes

He also served on;
Victory - 38/39

Raupura (I think but cannot read it well) - 39 to the end of 39. - This could actually be HMS Ranpura, seeing as he was a gunner.

Saleer II 39-42 - This could have been HMS Salter II

Asbury - 42 -HMS Ashbury , Rhode Island USA. I know he was based in the USA for 2yrs, some where near the white house. I have a photo of him playing 5 a side football against some US Army guys.

Sakes 43-44 - Unsure of what this is

Victory 44-45

Gooling 45-46 - HMS Gosling, did they have gunners there?

Also the following ships are mentioned but his naval records are hard to read, I know this from what he used to sayabout ships he served on;

HMS Arethusa
HMS Cleopatra

The above may be spelt wrong as it is hard to read the writing. I'd be very grateful if some one knew anything about the above, bases/ships and what ever he was awarded.
Hi Jenny,

HMS Rampura was a depot ship cum sub support in the 40s, and would most definitely have had gunners aboard.

HMS Saker was previously a US Navy Base in Maine USA, which would tie in with your granddad being in the States at about that time.

And there was an HMS Saker II, 1850 Royal Naval Air Squadron based in Baltimore.
Anything identified as a 'II' was most likely a tender base.

Good luck with your hunting, I'm doing the same with my family.
Jenny it might be helpful to us lot if you could scan the ships names and put them up so we can see and try to make some sense out of them.

Gosling was a shore training base in Yorkshire--it became HMS Ariel --I think.