Tracking Down a WW2 Service Record

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Posted on behalf of @Bobster who hasn't managed to sort out creating a new thread:

I’m trying too find my fathers Royal Navy service no as a child my father recounted a story of being on a ship which was sunk resulting In Him spending many hours in the sea on a life gurney I have come up against wall after wall and need help please my fathers name was William John Martin his birth was 7/9/27 he was from Cornwall and worked in the engine room when he was allegedly sunk this took place sometime in ww2 whilst he was serving in the Royal Navy later on he joined the merchant navy hope you can advise me help me many thanks

Anyone able to help?


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Surely that only works if you have a service number? It would appear that Bobster doesn't even have that?
It's easier with a service but if you have DOB DOD etc they can still find them, the more information you can give them the quicker they can help

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